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  1. Sooo, I'm not going to lie, this deck kind of came up by accident while I was looking into Saiyan Oppressive Cell. And I'm also going to throw out there that this deck is not at all optimal, and really kind of half-arsed. I recently moved continent, so most of my cards are missing. As a result, I just went ahead and started building on OCTGN, and since I have no one to test against, I mostly threw it together to show off the concept. Saiyan Dynamic Cell While my original idea for Oppressive was to just go for Ally Cell and to use the mechanic to level and mill the opponent between skips, I noticed that Cell's original stack held some potential as well. Notably, his level 2 has a free tutor at the start of every combat, which seems INSANELY helpful in Oppressive. And it also got me thinking; "Man, that is one personality power I'd love to open a game with." And voila, the idea for Dynamic Cell was born. I'm sure someone has tried this before, but here's my scratch at an old Mastery/Personality. Main Personalities: Cell - Prepared Cell - Semi-Perfect Cell - Perfect Cell - Unstoppable Allies: Cell Jr. - Trapped King Vegeta - Ruler Nappa - Space Traveler Turles - Shadowy Vegeta - Content Honestly, I'm thinking this might be too many allies for the deck idea I'm going for. Especially since I'm moving away from the Cell Jr. engine. But honestly, I like the ability to tutor Saiyan Overhead Kick to my hand with Semi-Perfect, and then tutoring out one of my allies depending on the match-up. Setup: Saiyan Enraged x 2 Events: Cell's Style x 2 Saiyan Outrage x 3 Time is a Warrior's Tool Villainous Empowerment Drills: Saiyan Overpowering Aura Drill x 2 Saiyan Transformation Drill x 1 Saiyan Protection Drill x 1 Physical Combats: Cell's Draining Attack x 2 Saiyan Body Blow x 2 Saiyan Dive x 2 Saiyan Elbow Drop x 2 Saiyan Foot Stomp x 3 Saiyan Legendary Strike x 2 Saiyan Overhead Kick x 2 Saiyan Spin Kick x 2 Saiyan Turning Kick x 3 Saiyan Reverse Catch x 3 Saiyan Parry x 3 I went for a lot of x 2. In part because of the ability to tutor what I need, but also because it was a bit weird. I've also worked in a Saiyan Tracking Blast to work with Saiyan Body Blow, annulling the primary weakness of Dynamic by giving myself protection against level dropping. Energy Combats: Saiyan Aerial Attack x 2 Saiyan Destructive Blast x 2 Saiyan Tracking Blast x 2 Saiyan Energy Release x 3 Saiyan Crouch x 3 I just really love attach cards in Saiyan, guys xD But this is how the deck looks right now. I can say without any testing, or experimenting, that this is a very different deck to what I'd normally work with. I mostly tend to trend towards having a lot more attacks than this, and I'm not huge on Saiyan Drills. I'm also trying out things like Villainous Empowerment, which I've never used before, as a way to tutor a drill to my field and slow down my opponent's drills. One thing I've realized in just building it is that the deck has a lot of innate control, and I think with some careful testing and trial and error, you could probably come up with a pretty competent deck that can respond to any number of control decks. Some very obvious changes if you wanted to take this into a competitive environment though would be to drop Saiyan Enraged (which I've included mostly because I like the card) and Villainous Empowerment in favor of Unleashed. You could also probably mess around with the drill line-up to make it a bit more diverse and relevant. For the most part, I'm really inexperienced with Saiyan drills and what is and is not relevant. One thing I really love about this deck though is Cell's ability to jump to 4 as soon as you get off 2 meaning that you're honestly mostly just working with his level 2 and 4. Especially given the ability to counter delevelling effects.