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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys. So, long story short, I went away this last weekend gone, and was left stranded without internet. While I didn't have internet, my mind wondered a bit, and I ended up coming up with a few concepts for MPs based on Xenoverse (most likely owing to their appearance in Cross Worlds). The only one I really decided to flesh out and write up was Xeno Trunks', but I figured it could be fun to put it out there and see what other people come up with for other MP stacks. I've not been able to find any major resource that I can use to make the cards either, so you're going to need to put up with text. If that's a no deal for you, so be it xD Xeno Trunks – First Time Patroller Level 1 HERO Image PUR 3 SAIYAN, EARTHLING (Your Life Deck can include “Trunks” Personality cards.) [Instant] When entering combat, search the top 5 cards of your opponent’s Life Deck and reveal any number of Named cards or cards with “Time” in the title. Put the remaining cards back in any order, then place those cards on the bottom of that player’s Life Deck. [Constant] When a card is placed on the bottom of a player’s deck, raise your Anger 1 Level. So right from the offset, I'm working with a similar concept as what we saw with the first Future Trunks stack. Screening the top of a player's deck, and re-arranging, with an added bit of bite to his power: The ability to put Named and Time cards on the bottom of a deck. Thematically, this plays on Xeno Trunks role within the story as aiming to prevent variations in the timeline. Predicting the actions of the opponent, and being able to see ahead to know what needs to be stopped to save a timeline. Additionally, I wanted to be able to give him unique named cards that would play into his "Time" archetype without buffing up the normal Trunks stack. Hence, he gets a parenthetical opening up his Named Card options, but also preventing his old self gaining that support. If you want a lore reason, then simply, he is the same person, but as we saw in the games, he can NOT interact with his past self. His constant is designed to work with the Time cards. Xeno Trunks – Aware of Danger Level 2 HERO Image PUR 4 SAIYAN, EARTHLING [Instant] When entering combat, search the top 5 cards of a Life Deck for any number of Named cards or cards with “Time” in the title and place them on the bottom of that player’s deck. Put the remaining cards back in any order. [Constant] At the end of combat, you may search your Life Deck for a Styled Block and place it on top of your deck. [Constant] Whenever a Named Card or card with “Time” in the title is played, lower your opponent's anger 1 level. Trunks second level ups the ability of his first level, allowing him to look at the top 5 cards of either player's deck and screen what's going to happen. This is meant to play on Trunks' gradual mastery of his responsibilities as a Time Patroller, as well as express his attitude upon learning the reality that time is under threat. However, as he's only just become aware of the threat and is only just on-guard, his own search is limited strictly to Blocks and only after brief clashes with his nemesis. You may ask me: Why would you want to put your own named/Time cards on the bottom of your deck? This plays a bit more into the theme I've been thinking of for the "Time" archetype. Similar in style to the Saiyan "revealed" cards, these cards should have parenthetical effects that proc when they're returned to the bottom of your deck (not counting Rejuvenate imo, but testing would tell that one). Xeno Trunks – Return of the Hero Level 3 HERO Image PUR 4 SAIYAN, EARTHLING [Instant] When entering combat, search the top 6 cards of a Life Deck for a total of up 2 cards and place them on the bottom of that player’s deck. Put the remaining cards back in any order. [Constant] At the end of combat, you may search your Life Deck for a Styled card and place it on the top or bottom of your Life Deck. [Constant] Whenever you play a Named card or card with “Sword” in the title, rejuvenate 1. Whenever you play a card with “Time” in the title, you may use a critical damage effect. First things first: This is MEANT to be a reference to Star Wars, extending from his Level 3 to his Level 4 to counterpart Future Gohan's references being his Level 1 and 2. This also leaves a few movies to be used for certain villainous entities who counterpart our boi here. Next up, you'll note that his power has now evolved in a more lateral and general direction than his previous levels. While his previous levels could return any number of cards (so long as they matched the criteria), this level can spin any card, but only 2 of them. This could hurt your strategy if you've been focusing on spinning your own cards while on Level 2, but this also lets you create a stronger defense against those aggro decks that just won't stop. Trunks has also had time to catch his breath now, preparing his own pre-emptive fight against those who threaten time and showing off his mastery of the sword. With his old Named cards largely doubling as "Sword" cards, I think it would let him Rejuvenate 2 (correct me if my wording is wrong for it), while his new named cards are all considered "Time", allowing him to Rejuvenate 1 while crit'ing. Again, if I've misworded it, please let me know, as this was my intent xD Xeno Trunks – The Super Saiyan Awakens Level 4 HERO Image PUR 5 SAIYAN, EARTHLING [Instant] When entering combat during your turn, reveal the top 6 cards of a Life Deck and place any number of them on the bottom of that Life Deck. Put the remaining cards back in any order. Draw 1 card. [Constant] At the end of combat, you may search your Life Deck for a card and place it on the top or bottom of your Life Deck. POWER: Reveal the bottom card of either player’s Life Deck. If that card is an Attack or a card with “Time” in the title, you may play it. Couldn't find a render that worked for this level. And finally, we have Xeno Trunks' level 4, and easily the strongest of his levels (as it should be). Similar to his OG stack's level 3, he can screen the top 6 cards of his own deck at the start of combat and gets a draw to help supplement your offensive pressure. But, he takes this ability a step further, being able to instead use it to interfere with your opponent's plays, put their stronger cards/dragon balls out of reach, and ensure that they don't have anything to defend themselves with. This, in my mind, embodies a Trunks that has become the true guardian of time. One that lives up to his potential, even if he never did so in the games. That said, to help balance it, I restricted it so that he can now only screen and spin during your own turn. Luckily, however, he is still capable of stacking his own top card at the end of each combat, so that you'll never truly be unable to defend yourself. This Level is largely an inversion of his Level 2, emphasizing non-stop attacks rather than building up a defense. To help reinforce this point, Trunks gains a very useful ability that generates a large amount of synergy both with his own "Time" cards, and with his overall stacking to that point; The ablity to play the bottom card of either player's deck, provided it meets the criteria. Trunks’ Call for Help Image EVENT (This card is considered to have “Time” in the title for your card effects. When this card is placed on the bottom of your deck, raise your anger 1 level.) POWER: Search your Life Deck, discard pile or Banished Zone for a Saiyan ally or an Ally with “Time” in the Title and place it into play. Search your discard pile for 2 cards and place them on the bottom of your deck. (Banish After Use) I very slightly broke my own rule with this card, which is designed to emphasize the strength of the Time Patrollers and the guidance he receives from the Supreme Kai of Time. Instead of making this card purely a Xeno Trunks' support card, I thought this would serve nicely as a dual purpose DBSuper Trunks' card as well. Hence, it can search out your Goku, Vegeta or Vegito allies, while also furthering Xeno Trunks game plan as it doubles up as a "Time" card that can help jump off of his first two Levels, both as an event played and as a card screened and spun. I will note that at present, I've only made 1 "Time" ally, which is the Supreme Kai of Time. But I'd also very strongly say that there should be a "Time Patroller Ace" ally, as well as an MP stack. While I'm not sure if the Time Patroller of Xenoverse 2 has a canon name yet, I'd also say that they should probably be an ally stack. We'll get to the Supreme Kai of Time in a second. Xeno Trunks’ Charged Assault Image PHYSICAL COMBAT Physical Attack costing 4 stages (This card is considered to have “Time” in the title for your card effects. When this card is placed on the bottom of your deck, you may use a critical damage effect.) Raise your anger 1 levels. Lower your opponent’s anger 2 levels. Reveal the top 4 cards of a Life Deck, and place any number of them on the bottom of that Life Deck. DAMAGE: 6 Life Cards HIT: You may lower your anger 2 levels to destroy all of your opponent’s Setups and Drills. Xeno Trunks' only exclusive named card, one that plays off of his Charged attacks from Dragon Ball Heroes. While I know it's a bit unoriginal, all of the other attacks he uses in Xenoverse are shared with his canon-counterpart. This named card is a bit steeply costed for a physical attack, but I feel it plays into it's role quite elegantly. It matches Trunks' powers, screening the top cards of a life deck and spinning, while also giving you some much-needed anger control. And if your opponent can't find a way to stop the attack, it continues to be useful as it becomes a Red Lightning Slash, dropping your anger off for some board control. And honestly, I love the parenthetical just because of how useful it can be to stop a DBV. And while I know she's not a named card, or a specific ally, I don't think she's deserving of a Spoiler herself: Supreme Kai of Time Image HERO Ally GOD (If your MP has “Xeno” in the title, you may use this power regardless of your MP’s power stages.) POWER: Reveal the bottom card of a Life Deck. If that card is an Attack, or a card with “Time” in the title, you may play it. [Constant] Whenever a player searches a Life Deck, you may gain 2 power stages. Probably one of the more important cards in an Xeno Trunks deck, and one that emphasizes the potential strength of Blue Tag Team Xeno Trunks. The Supreme Kai of Time isn't an exclusive ally, but rather, one that helps all of your Xeno units. So while she can't help the Time Patroller MPs, if someone ever wants to make an Xeno Goku, Vegeta, Gogeta or Vegito, she'll help work with them instead. The Supreme Kai of Time turns Trunks' rather passive skill of screen and spin into a very striking and deadly offense. By co-ordinating his efforts, and guiding him to corrupted timelines, he can anticipate his opponent's power and use it against themselves. Beyond that, her constant cheering and support as the fight goes on will help Trunks pay power stage costs. So, what do you guys think? Hopefully reading through all that didn't burn anyone's eyes out. And I know that I didn't include power stages, but to be honest, they kind of felt like the least important part of the design (and also, I wasn't quite sure what to do with them. Xeno Trunks is clearly meant to be stronger than Super Trunks, but has never been displayed as such. Statements and feats contradict). Would you be interested in taking him for a spin? If you do, give me a heads up on what you think and if I should nerf or buff him up some. As for my other concepts for the Xenoverse Series, these have mainly been focused on Ace, Mira and Demigra. For Ace, the lack of a sensei deck becomes a bit of a pain. If we did have a sensei deck, Ace could very easily work as an MP who goes between his Life Deck and Sensei Deck with ease, pulling out and picking cards for use when they're most helpful. To balance this, I'd say to genuinely give him no traits. There's not really any consistency with what Ace is, or where he's from. He could be an Earthling, or he could be from another planet and pulled to the time nest. He was made by Shenron, so he could be a god, but he's clearly not divine. He CAN be a Saiyan, but none of the canon material really addresses him as such. Hence, no traits. In lieu of that, I was thinking that Ace could instead have a paranthetical letting him use Hero or Villain allies, and to use named cards that aren't his own, but must all belong to the same personality. Then, we could turn him into an Ally MP with the restriction that he can't play named cards unless they match the name of an Ally on his field. This would emphasize the Z-Assist system from 1, while also allowing you to use whatever mentor you did in the main game. Then we have Mira. Mira is probably the easiest and most straight-forward MP stack I have a concept for, focusing on a "Time Pollution" archetype of cards that act as the opposites of the main archetype. These cards would focus on banishing the bottom cards of a player's deck, slowly stripping away their future by causing rifts in the timeline. This would be complemented by his own constant banishing 1 card from both player's drop whenever one of these cards goes off. Finally, his Serious Bomb would throw it all to the wind, dealing X life cards of damage where X is equal to the number of both player's Banished cards (Stamina plays be damned). I don't know if you'd want to give anything else to this strong an attack, especially with how much endurance is in the game, but hey. As for traits: Android, Saiyan, Earthling, God (Demon Race), Alien Then Demigra. My own idea for Demigra is kind of similar to one concept I saw thrown around on @Artificial Human's "Dragon Ball Top Tier" thread for a Baby MP stack that focused on taking control of allies, and then manipulating that to do damage to the opponent. I haven't really gotten much further than that, however, so someone feel free to come up with a way to implement that? The above said, if anyone else has any ideas for how to work one of the Xenoverse MPs, go ahead and take it for a spin. This isn't really a project per se, or anything I really think needs consistency. Just something fun to think up while I had no internet. p.s. Oh god, if anyone knows how to put up spoiler tags on here, give me a heads up. I want to make the giant wall of text fully optional |: