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Found 2 results

  1. ***Update 9/14/2019*** I've done a complete overhaul of the system for sharing my collection. It's been a busy year for me transitioning to a much better place. I've been hard at work with projects getting myself in a spot where I can easily take care of my family. Now that I'm almost there, I'll start working on taking care of my Z Warrior family. I am still working on the Custom Card Templates and just need to finish the Ally template to make it ready for distribution. ***Update 9/14/2019*** Here it is, the entire collection from Set 1 - 11. This includes PanZ and FanZ sets. These are the individual card files themselves for printing out exactly what you need and always having the collection at your finger tips. It is broken down into zip files. There is a Starter Kit that includes everything, an Image Kit that just has the images, a Tournament Kit that just has the tournament documents and software, and then each set is in its individual package. The below link opens the folder containing the downloads. Just download and then unzip the folders to access the content. DBZ TCG Shareable Folder If you want the PDF files for easy printing I've made the conscious decision not to include those. The FanZ website, The Dead Zone deserves traffic and you should go there for the PDF files they worked hard on to provide you. There you can also find more information on the FanZ continuation of the PanZ game and events. Below I've listed the link to their page. The Dead Zone Below is the link for the Image Packs for OCTGN as provided and maintained by Brandon Shollenberger. All other instructions for installing OCTGN and the DBZ Feed remain the same for now. Image Packs for OCTGN Drop a message in this post if the links go dead or direct message me here. If you need help, read through this topic to see if I've already solved the problem. If it hasn't been solved here, ask in this topic so the answer will be available to those that come in the future. I'll continue to keep a quick startup for new players active for as long as FanZ is still a thing.
  2. I only just remembered to go back to Dead Zone to see if Escalation was fully revealed, and; https://fanztcg.wordpress.com/escalation-checklist/ How has this not been brought up yet? Anyway, the full checklist is out so I think we're seeing all we're seeing for now. Of note is that Majin Buu got buffed considerably, and he is a fearsome foe now. Some definite pressure from him, and his level 4 is something to be careful of. I'm not 100% sure what Style he'd be most suited to though; Red could definitely help him out with extra damage that he doesn't have innately, but Orange plays the best with his powers. Babidi is largely the same, but a bit smoothed out. The smoothing also seems to have given him some utility he lacked before. I actually really like him giving his allies PUR +2 at Level 4. That's kind of fun. I still think he's largely competing with Cell though, and we'll need to see if the Majin Trait beats out access to Namekian/Saiyan. Majin Vegeta is also largely the same, but I believe his Level 1 has been simultaneously nerfed and buffed. I could actually really see that being a viable option for an MPPV deck though. Outside of personalities; I really like Black Glare, and how it really supports the old Black Android decks. I also really love Black Gut Check and Black Energy Rings. While it's only a handful of cards, I'm actually really happy with the Black Support this set. Some of the Blue Support seems god damn fantastic. Right from the get go, we have Blue Balancing Drill, a card that feels hand-crafted for my favorite deck. The damage mitigation is a bit lackluster, but for level-locking yourself so finely... Yaaaas. Blue Absorption is also pretty nuts, and it's honestly good to see them giving some support to the whole "copying attacks" archtype Blue has got going. I don't think this is enough alone, but a damage negation + copy + anger gain + critical hit is phenomenal. I definitely see this getting some use, although I can't say I see it being in the Top Tier (heh). Blue Security works really well with select decks as well. I'm especially looking at Blue Cell for that one, although I imagine part of the intent was for it to mix with Babidi. It can also be tech'd into just about any Tag Team deck for a quick change of gears. 2 Endurance is also pretty nice to see. The Namekian support is... Hugely disappointing. Not necessarily because it's bad, although I wouldn't say any of them jump out as amazingly good, but because it doesn't play with the new Piccolo all that well. I kind of get it though, since the impression given by the artwork is that these cards are more meant to work between Piccolo and Gohan. In specific though, the Drills are kind of lacking. Manipulation can play fairly okay with Kami, but it's not going to be your go-to drill by any means. Likewise, Empowering Drill has some fun interactions, but a Screen 2/Rejuvenate 1 isn't really what Namekian was looking for. After that, I'd say Namekian Rush and Namekian Reinforced Blast are the really big cards for the Namekians here. Rush is a bit generic, but definitely usable, and Reinforced Blast plays really well with Radiant Cell for punishing the opponent. sighs and is it any surprise? Orange almost irrefutably got the best support (on average) from this. Because, you know, Orange was lagging behind so bloody much. Alright, so that might be a bit unfair of me. Some of these cards probably aren't as good as I feel they are. Attraction Drill is only mediocre, but definitely works wonders for those wanting to keep their vital drills at 1, or even just wanting to maintain their board as much as possible. On the other side, Intensity Drill is honestly just good. On it's own, it's not overwhelming or unfair. Make an attack unpreventable, add a 1 life card poke to everything. But that'll start to stack up quick, and I think anyone who can drop it early will start to see how it adds up over a game. And honestly, dropping it early is incredibly easy. Orange Beatdown is where it starts to get... Hrm. At least for me. Take a swing, and immediately your drills are untouchable for your opponent's next action. Not worded that way, but that's effectively how it plays. Also, here's a free, non-conditional 2 anger, we all know how much trouble Orange has with MPPV. Honestly, I think this was intended to be balanced by lacking Endurance and having Banish After Use, but that doesn't make this card any less amazing imo. This card is almost definitely a 3-of in any Orange deck thanks to the advantages it leverages for free, plus some good stage damage. Orange Elbow Rush and Orange Energy Ball are both also things. They're not really anything special, or new, but they're more of what made Orange decks quite so competitive. Elbow Rush especially, since it's got all the hallmarks of a good card. Some Endurance (only 1, but servicable), no cost for usable damage (AT +3), and if it hits it grabs a drill. It's basically Orange Collision, but scaled down to make up for it searching the Life deck. It also combos exceptionally well with Orange Extension, giving you some incredibly easy Drill access in the early, mid and late game. Energy Ball is a severely nerfed Bicycle Kick imo. This card is probably not going to do too much at all, and I actually think a lot of people will miss it. But it is a viable card, easily hitting for critical damage in combo with... Can we just say Orange in general now? And searching for a drill or set-up for a respectably low cost. Red's support this time around feels a bit weird. Red Burn specifically catches me. I'm not actually sure if anyone will use it. Likewise, I can't be certain if anyone will use Red Dual Punch? It does it's job, and is an INSANELY good card for Red Piccolo/Gohan/Cell, but... Actually, this is just a good card for any Namekian MP. So I give Dual Punch a thumbs up, ig. Sleeper Hold is another one I'm just not sure if anyone will use. I don't think it's really worth the space, and the "play from discard pile" effect isn't all that amazing. The card will do it's job, but will it do it better than other cards Red already has? Eh, maybe. Palm Shot comes up a bit short of Dual Punch, but seems pretty usable. I don't know if anyone will put it in over other cards Red has to offer though. Really, this batch of support for Red feels like a filler to me. ONTO SAIYAN. And honestly, yeah, this is workable. Combative Stance is actually a pretty good card for anyone rocking Rampaging Mastery, and really helps out with Clench decks. Honestly, this is just a pretty respectable addition to the Attach cards of Saiyan. And it's a +/- 0, so any deck that benefits from it will probably run it without worry (and any extra copies can be dropped for Rampaging's Attack). I know some people were a bit meh about this card since it's kind of working for an archetype, but come on guys, we always complain about them not finishing their archetypes. We should be happy to see some support for one. ANNND honestly, I have the exact same feeling towards Flying Kick and Quick Strike. Clench decks are getting some really strong tools between these three cards, with some in-built draw and a flat 6 stage (12 with Clench) attack. This card might actually be a bit too strong given that it lacks any cost, and only offers advantages to it's deck. And if Flying Kick might be a bit too much, I actually think Quick Strike might just be a bit broken. Flat 5 stages (10 with Clench) that hits twice, has good Endurance on it, and... It's kind of ugly. Combine it with Clench Nappa, and you can easily wind up with a 14-16 stage attack that swings twice. Yuck. Forceful Stop is meh, and Massacre is respectable. A bit of a space filler, but good damage, some board control, rejuvenates itself. Alright. And the Freestyles. Honestly, I was a bit nervous looking at these given how some Freestyle cards in the past have completely changed the games landscape. Did they this time? Well, let's see: First off, Deflection Drill is god damn hilarious. I don't think it's great, nor do I think you should make room for it in your deck, but it's another addition of "Let's hard-counter a deck type to balance the game." This time aimed at mill decks. I really love this card, because the mental image of just shutting down your opponent's mill effects and reflecting them is too good. Halt is fine. Kind of just another Sphere for Gods. It only being at 1 is a bit weird to me, but I guess it's to make sure Gods don't have 6 Spheres. It's fine, nothing broken so far. On the Move is the first Freestyle card here I look at, and wonder if it's really good, or just okay. Omni-block, so that's good. Your opponent gets the card back though, so that's... Actually pretty fair. Oh, but you draw 1 card when you use it... So if you use it to block a Personality's attack, you block and draw 1. Wait, AND you gain stages?? I personally think this card is really good. I won't say broken, although I definitely see it swinging some games when you bounce an attack back to the opponent's hand, and then lower their stages so they can't use it. Or using it to stop a Personality's Attack, and getting an extra action that combat out of the deal. It has it's moments where it's straight not fair, but I don't think this card has shit on Unleashed. Reality Check is fine. If your deck needed some extra board control, here you go. Have 3 of it. Does nothing else. Doesn't give you anything else. Just a good utility card, and honestly, one we needed a LONG time ago. And then Concussive Strike. Does exactly what it did before. And honestly, it's just a good card that could work really well in a Clench deck. I wonder if we'll actually see some Clench Decks born from this set. Controlled Energy Burst is awright, 'ey? Honestly, I don't know what to say about this set. Only getting 3 MPs was a bit disappointing, especially since this would've been the time for a new Level 3/4 Goku with SS2/3. Or even just a bit of legacy support to coincide with the many flashbacks of this arc. On the other hand though, I really like the new Clench support, and the odd bits of archetype support here and there really make me feel positive. Then I see the new Orange Support, and I feel cold. I wonder how long until this becomes Orange-Z: The Game. Also, I'm not touching any named cards in here. Almost all of them are the same as before, and we've had that discussion. What say you, Top-Tier? Am I just completely wrong, spot-on, or somewhere in the middle?