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soviet prince

starter decks

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Starters contain a mix of styles and a Mastery, allegedly the rulebook states that you can use the Mastery with the starter deck out of the box for learning/sealed deck games, but single-style decks are required for constructed tournaments. Allegedly.

And Soviet, there are plenty of ways to do it. Choose any of the options below.

"You can pick up a starter to get the MP and Mastery, plus some cards of every style to get you started. When you are ready to play in a tournament..."

A: "...I can help you get some cards to build a full Styled deck like these demo decks."
B: "...you can pick up more starters and figure out what kind of deck you want to build."
C: "...you can pick up some packs and do a bit of trading so you have a full Styled deck."

Or any mix of the above.

In any CCG, playing in a tournament with a Starter Deck means you are not going to do well, so I would never recommend it anyway. These are basically the same recommendations I give to customers (based on situation) for any card game. I'm sure you'll have plenty of extra commons for those who can't afford to buy more. For those who can, though, I've actually just recommended the Starter Deck Box purchase so they can build any deck, and they can supplement it with boosters after that.

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I see the same thing, I totally agree with Dan though any decent CCG player will want to buy and trade for other stuff to get his or her deck in working order but what about newer younger players?


They might not really get this and just flat out drop the game after buying a few decks and realizing that they can't play. 


Community guidance is going to be important. 

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Yep, and for younger players I would highly recommend Option A. Your community should be really helpful and be able to provide extra cards to players who can't get into tournaments otherwise.

Alternatively, at Local level events, your tournament organizer may be able to decide whether or not to allow Starter Decks in the event. Realistically, they won't be competitive, so if it is preventing a younger kid from playing in the event, it wouldn't be much of an issue to just let them play.

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