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Super Vegeta

Super Vegeta's Updated PanZ List: Want Foils & Promos

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1) Would like to trade by ref rule. Other site references below.

2) Can cross-trade with other games, Score Z/GT and YuYu. List links below.

3) If you are looking for commons, uncommons or starter cards just ask, I have a near playset of each.

4) I will also want foils from Movie Collection, Evolution and Perfection, so I will check lists.


Other Lists:




Set 1

Ultra Rares:
UR161 Heroic Plan (Non-Foil Only)
UR162 Villainous Visage (Non-Foil Only)
UR163 Heroic Energy Sphere (Non-Foil Only)
UR164 Villainous Energy Sphere (Non-Foil Only)

Starter Prizm Parallel HT Rainbow Foils:
S1 Vegeta - Prince of Saiyans Lv 1
S5 Goku - Protector of Earth Lv 1
S8 Goku - Super Saiyan Lv 4
S11 Gohan - Determined Lv 3
S14 Krillin - Energetic Lv 2
S27 Red Enraged Mastery
S28 Black Devious Mastery

P7-P21 Any and all Non-Foil Promos

Heroes & Villains

C4 Nappa - Smirking Lv 2
C8 Tenshinhan - Stubborn Lv 2
C9 Captain Ginyu - Aggressive Lv 1
C13 Krillin - Supportive Lv 1
C14 Zarbon - Loyal Servant Lv 1
C16 Black Barrier Destruction
C17 Black Evasion
C40 Orange Crashing Drill
C42 Orange Nudge
C43 Orange Double Palm Beam
C47 Red Sacrifice
C48 Red Restraint
C52 Saiyan Strength Test
C53 Saiyan Drive By
C56 Saiyan Driving Punch
C57 Saiyan Charged Fist
C59 Energetic Left Blast
U65 Raditz - Angered Lv 3
U68 Tenshinhan - Smug Lv 4
U77 Blue Joy Ride
U79 Blue Leverage
U82 Namekian Hurried Quest
U83 Namekian Patient Block
U87 Orange Saving Kick
U92 Red Club
U93 Saiyan Unleashing Drill
U94 Saiyan Rescue
U95 Saiyan Spin Kick
U97 Raditz's Dirty Tactics
U99 Nappa's Confidence
R101 Black Declaration
R102 Black Head Charge
R105 Black Counter Ball
R106 Blue Taming Technique
R109 Blue Crush
R110 Blue Back Break
R115 Namekian Confident Burst
R118 Orange Dodge
R119 Orange Hand Cannon
R121 Red Embarrassing Drill
R122 Red Stop
R127 Saiyan Outrage
R128 Saiyan Grab
R131 Isolation
R133 Crushing Beam
R140 Trunks' Sword Stance

Heroes & Villains Promos:
P16 Red Stop

Movie Collection

Movie Collection Promos:
P2 Blue Betrayal
P3 Orange Power Point
P4 Red Shoulder Grab
P6 Namekian Onslaught
P8 Devastating Blow
P10 Black Power Up
P11 Saiyan Energy Focus
P14 Heroic Energy Sphere
P15 Villainous Energy Sphere


Starter MP's & Masteries Pack Foils:
S25 Red Ruthless Mastery

Starter Prizm Parallel HT Rainbow Foils:
S1 Trunks - Returned Lv 1
S2 Trunks - Swordmaster Lv 2
S3 Trunks - Defiant Lv 3
S4 Trunks - Overpowering Lv 4
S5 Saiyan Rampaging Mastery
S6 Goku - Relaxed Lv 1
S7 Goku - Motivated Lv 2
S8 Goku - Calm Lv 3
S10 Blue Tag Team Mastery
S12 Piccolo - Anticipating Lv 2
S13 Piccolo - Ferocious Lv 3
S14 Piccolo - Revitalized Lv 4
S17 Vegeta - On The Move Lv 2
S22 Android 17 - Imposing Lv 2
S24 Android 17 - In Action Lv 4
S25 Red Ruthless Mastery
S26 Android 18 - Directing Lv 1
S27 Android 18 - Threatening Lv 2
S29 Android 18 - Determined Lv 4
S30 Black Perceptive Mastery

P1 Namekian Knowledge Mastery
P2 Black Punishment


Box Topper HT:
DR1A Cell - Imperfect Lv 1

Rainbow Box Topper HT:
DR1A Cell - Imperfect Lv 1
DR3 Cell - Perfect Lv 3

P1 Blue Dominance
P2 Blinding Energy Move
P4 Visiting the Past
P5 Saiyan Enraged
P6 Namekian Double Strike
P7 Black Swirl
P8 Blue Slash
P9 Red Trailing Blast
P10 Orange Destruction
P12 Namekian Targeted Strike
P13 Red City Destruction
P14 Orange Uppercut


C1 Black Android Programming
C5 Black Face Kick
C9 Black Running Guard
C10 Black Sword Attack
C11 Black Vaulted Strike
C14 Blue Save
C15 Blue Seizing Drill
C22 Namekian Impending Doom
C24 Namekian Airborne Attack
C25 Namekian Arm Shield
C30 Namekian Team Up
C34 Orange Welcoming Drill
C35 Orange Combined Burst
C39 Orange Interference
C40 Orange Withdrawal
C44 Red Departing Shot
C45 Red Disregard
C49 Red Training Burst
C50 Red Wallop
C53 Saiyan Clash
C54 Saiyan Club
U62 Android 13 - Amused Lv 2
U66 Broly - Determined Lv 2
U71 Cooler - Menace Lv 3
U73 Gohan - To the Rescue Lv 1
U75 Master Roshi - Restrained Lv 1
U80 Android 15 - Relaxed Lv 1
U87 Blue Hunt
U89 Namekian Empowered Charge
U94 Red Integration
U97 Saiyan Recovery
U98 Saiyan Terrifying Strike
R101 Black Impatience
R103 Black Dive
R104 Black Drain
R107 Blue Discharge
R115 Orange Intimidating Drill
R117 Orange Hug
R118 Orange Immense Blast
R119 Orange Sword Chop
R120 Red Sword Slicing Drill
R125 Saiyan Denial
R126 Saiyan Extinguishing Blast
R129 Saiyan Trample
R130 Saiyan Trap
R131 Singing Drill
R133 Sobering Hammer
R134 Stomach Crusher
R138 Broly's Face Crusher

P2 Orange Precise Shot
P4 Red Double Strike
P5 Saiyan Pinpoint Blast
P6 Namekian Gut Punch
P7 Black Defensive Burst
P8 Orange Devouring Drill
P11 Blue Barrier


Dragon Rares:
DR3 Goku - Courageous Lv 3
DR4 Goku - Selfless Lv 4
DR5 Blue Resolute Mastery
DR6 Vegeta - Experienced Lv 1
DR10 Orange Retribution Mastery
DR12 Cell - Combative Lv 2
DR14 Cell - Unstoppable Lv 4
DR15 Namekian Radiant Mastery
DR17 Gohan - Unlocked Lv 2
DR18 Gohan - Unassuming Lv 3
DR20 Saiyan Dynamic Mastery
DR22 Hercule - Posing Lv 2
DR24 Hercule - In Action Lv 4
DR26 Trunks - Dashing Lv 1
DR28 Trunks - Bold Lv 3

C5 Black Energy Beam
C7 Black Halt
C10 Black Heel
C19 Blue Strike
C27 Namekian Training Ball
C28 Namekian Wallop
C30 Namekian Buffer
C31 Orange Encouragement
C33 Orange Spying Drill
C42 Red Evade
C49 Red Determination
C50 Red Jab
C51 Saiyan Vacation
C53 Saiyan High Kick
C60 Saiyan Crouch
U64 Earth Dragon Ball 4
U87 Blue Tracking Beam
U88 Namekian Hunt
U89 Namekian Hospitality Drill
R101 Black Memories
R105 Black Vehicle Toss
R107 Blue Friendliness
R108 Blue Elbow
R110 Blue Smug Punch
R111 Namekian Barricade
R115 Namekian Thrust
R116 Orange Affection Drill
R119 Orange Collision
R123 Red Mischief
R125 Saiyan Anguish Drill
R130 Cell Jr.'s Swarm
R136 Hercule's Grand Entrance

Starter Deck Rainbow HT's:
S1 Goku – Training Lv 1
S3 Goku – Courageous Lv 3
S6 Vegeta – Experienced Lv 1
S8 Vegeta – Energized Lv 3
S9 Vegeta – Pinnacle of Power Lv 4
S10 Orange Retribution Mastery
S11 Cell – Prepared Lv 1
S13 Cell – Smooth Lv 3
S14 Cell – Unstoppable Lv 4
S15 Namekian Radiant Mastery
S16 Gohan – Adept Lv 1
S17 Gohan – Unlocked Lv 2
S18 Gohan – Unassuming Lv 3
S20 Saiyan Dynamic Mastery
S23 Hercule – Guarded Lv 3
S24 Hercule – In Action Lv 4
S25 Black Conflict Mastery
S26 Trunks – Dashing Lv 1
S27 Trunks – Frenzied Lv 2
S28 Trunks – Bold Lv 3
S30 Red Ascension Mastery

P6 Black Overload
P16 I'll Dig Your Grave!


Ultra Rares:
UR141 Heroic Assistance x5
UR142 Villainous Empowerment x3

UR142 Hidden Power Drill

UR141 Power Mimic x2
UR142 Heroic Dashing Punch

UR141 Surprise Attack x5
UR142 Unleashed x2
DR1 Instant Transmission x4

UR141 Allied Blitz
UR143 Flurry of Blows x2
UR144 Heroic Energy Sphere
UR145 The Ultimate Sacrifice

Set 1

R121 Namek Dragon Ball 7
R122 Black Devious Mastery
R123 Black Mischievous Drill
R125 Black Reflection x2
R126 Black Scout Maneuver x2
R127 Blue Protective Mastery x2
R128 Blue Lunge x3
R131 Namekian Knowledge Mastery x2
R132 Namekian Dragon Clan x3
R135 Namekian Planned Attack x2
R137 Orange Focusing Drill
R140 Red Enraged Mastery
R144 Red Observation x3
R145 Saiyan Empowered Mastery x2
R148 Saiyan Power Up x2
R149 Dragon Radar

Foils: (All Print 1 to my knowledge)
C22 Blue Battle Drill
C24 Blue Defensive Effect
C31 Namekian Dragon Blast
C34 Namekian Onslaught
C38 Orange Defensive Blast
C39 Orange Distracting Beam
C43 Orange Revenge
C44 Red Hunting Drill
C48 Red Flares
U91 Orange Energy Phasing Drill
U93 Orange Inspection
U96 Red Despair Drill
U98 Red Jump Kick
U100 Red Power Punch
U101 Red Shielded Strike
U103 Saiyan Gut Kick
U111 Empowered Flying Kick
R125 Black Reflection
R126 Black Scout Maneuver
R128 Blue Lunge x2
R132 Namekian Dragon Clan
R134 Namekian Palm Shots
R137 Orange Focusing Drill
R140 Red Enraged Mastery
R141 Red Forward Stance Drill
R142 Red Heel Kick
R153 Captain Ginyu's Body Switch
R155 Gohan's Masenko
R156 Goku's Kamehameha
S43 Red Tactical Drill
S49 Red Blazing Aura
S79 Red Lifting Kick x2
S118 Red Frenzied Blasts

Starter Prizm HT's:
S26 Orange Adaptive Mastery
S27 Red Enraged Mastery
S28 Black Devious Mastery
S29 Blue Protective Mastery

Starter Prizm Parallels HT Rainbow Foils:
S24 Piccolo - Fused Lv 4

P2 Goku - Protector of Earth Lv 1
P7 Goku's Kamehameha x4
P8 Time Is A Warrior's Tool
P9 Vegeta's Galick Gun
P14 Gohan's Masenko x2
P15 Frieza's Supernova x3
P17 Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon x4
P19 Captain Ginyu's Body Switch x2

Heroes & Villains

R111 Namekian Cut Off
R116 Orange Possession Drill x2
R120 Orange Mini Ball x2
R122 Red Stop x2
R124 Red Overpower x2

C10 Dodoria - Lackey Lv 1
C15 Black Radiating Drill
C21 Black Refusal
C23 Blue Lifting Drill
C26 Blue Bat Attack
C39 Orange Calming Drill
C41 Orange Energy Bubble
C46 Red Containment
U61 Nail - Unflinching Lv 3
U63 Nappa - Overconfident Lv 3 x2
U66 Raditz - Triumphant Lv 4
U67 Tenshinhan - Prepared Lv 3
U71 Trunks - Bashful Lv 1 x2
U73 Black Viewing Drill x2
U74 Black Forshadowing
U75 - Black Upward Dodge
U78 Blue Flinch
U80 Blue Face Crunch
U84 Namekian Jump Kick
U85 Orange Catch x2
U89 Red City Destruction
U96 Saiyan Right Blast
U98 Nail's Heritage
R111 Namekian Cut Off
R113 Namkeian Clash
R123 Red Controlled Attack x3
R137 Nappa's Energized Charge x2

P4 Wall Breaker
P7 Blue Crush x2

Movie Collection

R101 Black Chin Kick x2
R102 Black Combo x4
R103 Black Dash x2
R104 Black Daze
R105 Blue Observation Drill x4
R106 Blue Precarious Defense x3
R107 Blue Surprise x2
R108 Blue Takedown
R109 Namekian Growth x3
R110 Namekian Knockback x4
R111 Namekian Overwatch x2
R112 Namekian Right Kick
R113 Namekian Surprise Attack x3
R114 Orange Spotlight x4
R115 Orange Electricity
R116 Orange Empowered Kick x2
R117 Orange Unconstrolled Blast x3
R118 Red Relaxation x2
R119 Red Threatening Drill
R120 Red Mule Kick x4
R121 Red Restriction x2
R122 Red Retreat x2
R123 Saiyan Arrival x4
R124 Saiyan Menace x5
R125 Saiyan Backbreaker (small cut in card, pulled from pack like that)
R126 Saiyan Studying x5
R127 Dr. Wheelo's Revival x5
R129 Garlic Jr.'s Dead Zone x4
R130 Garlic Jr.'s*Counter Blast x5
R131 Lord Slug's Fist Slam x4
R132 Lord Slug's Regeneration
R133 Turles' Fruit x4
R135 Information Gathering x4
R136 Tree Of Might x3
R137 Ensared
R138 Flip Toss x4
R139 Pulverize
R140 Sagacious Strike x4

U85 Blue Surround
U88 Namekian Erasing Blast
U92 Orange Distracting Drill
R109 Namekian Growth

P7 Blue Positioning Drill x2


R101 Black Learning Drill x5
R102 Black Empowered Sword Slash x2
R103 Blue Kiss
R104 Blue Entertaining Drill x4
R105 Blue Transportation Drill x5
R106 Blue Belly Bash x2
R107 Blue Wash
R108 Namekian Waiting x4
R109 Namekian Enhancement x4
R110 Namekian Overcharge x2
R111 Orange Freezing Drill x2
R112 Orange Reading Drill x4
R113 Orange Accumulated Burst x4
R114 Orange Drain
R115 Red Analysis x2
R116 Red Antidote x4
R117 Red Eye Beams x4
R118 Red Rage
R119 Saiyan Peace x2
R120 Saiyan Dash x4
R121 Saiyan Destructive Blast
R122 Saiyan Tracking Blast x2
R123 Android 17's Van x4
R124 Android 17's Back Smash
R125 Android 18's Arm Breaker x2
R126 Android 18's Toss x4
R127 Android 19s Energy Absorption x2
R128 Android 19's Choke x3
R129 Android 20's Scouting Drill x4
R130 Android 20's Domination x2
R131 Vegeta's Destruction Blast
R132 Elimination x3
R133 Android Attack Drill x2
R134 Moment Of Peace x3
R135 Android Presence x2
R13 Energized Strike x2
R137 Enhanced Reflexes x3
R138 Optic Blast
R139 Sinister Choke
R140 Tug of War

C21 Namekian Catch
U63 Black Energy Dischage
U67 Blue Hush
U75 Orange Scorn
U82 Saiyan Fierce Kick
U85 Android 19 - Stoic Lv 1
U96 Turtle - Protective Lv 1
R130 Android 20's Domination
S1 Trunks - Returned Lv 1
S4 Trunks - Overpowering Lv 4 x2
S6 Goku - Relaxed Lv 1 x2
S10 Blue Tag Team Mastery x2
S11 Piccolo - Composed Lv 1
S12 Piccolo - Anticipating Lv 2
S13 Piccolo - Ferocious Lv 3 x2
S14 Piccolo - Revitalized Lv 4
S16 Vegeta - Calculating Lv 1
S17*Vegeta - On the Move Lv 2
S18 Vegeta - Super Saiyan Lv 3
S19 Vegeta - Elite Lv 4
S20 Orange Adept Mastery
S22 Android 17 - Imposing Lv 2 x2
S24 Android 17 - In Action Lv 4 x2
S26 Android 18 - Directing Lv 1
S159 Saiyan Direct Strike
S165 Saiyan Headbutt
S172 Saiyan Sabotage

Starter Prizm Parallel HT Rainbow Foils:
S11 Piccolo - Composed Lv 1 x2
S28 Android 18 - Effective Lv 3

Starter Prizm Chrome MP's & Masteries:
S1-S4 Trunks Lv 1-4
S5 Saiyan Rampaging Mastery
S6-S9 Goku Lv 1-4
S10 Blue Tag Team Mastery
S11-S14 Piccolo Lv 1-4
S15 Namekian Knowledge Masery
S16-S19 Vegeta Lv 1-4
S20 Orange Adept Mastery

P5 Orange Crashing Drill x2
P7 Black Scout Maneuver x2


R101 Master Roshi's Slumber x5
R102 Master Roshi's Back Strike x2
R103 Yamcha's Expert Assistance x3
R104 Yamcha's Rescue x8
R105 Android 16's Tranquility x5
R106 Android 16's Rocket Punch x2
R107 Cell's Draining Attack x3
R108 Cell's Style x8
R109 Tenshinhan's Tri-Beam x2
R110 Trunks' Slam x2
R111 Aggressive Sword Drill x4
R112 Clash of Wills x8
R113 Dashing Sword Attack x4
R114 Heroic Jab x3
R115 Overwhelming Power x3
R116 Black Discovery x7
R117 Black Choke x4
R118 Black Double Team x3
R119 Black Extreme Blast x5
R120 Blue Training x4
R121 Blue Head Charge x3
R122 Blue Restraint x5
R123 Blue Toss x4
R124 Namekian Back Smash x3
R125 Namekian Energized Bash x5
R126 Namekian Face Crush x4
R127 Namekian Resilience x3
R128 Orange Hoping Drill x5
R129 Orange Ki Ball x4
R130 Orange Overflowing Burst x3
R131 Orange Right Beam x4
R132 Red Channel Surfing Drill x7
R133 Red Aerial Assault x3
R134 Red Back Bash x7
R135 Red Downward Burst x2
R136 Red Powerful Strike x3
R137 Saiyan Extreme Training x8
R138 Saiyan Charged Kick x2
R139 Saiyan Ki Burst x3
R140 Saiyan Overhead Flare x8

C17 Blue Clash
C20 Blue Head Kick
C29 Namekia
R140 Saiyan Overhead Flare

Dragon Rares:
DR1A Cell - Imperfect Lv 1
DR4 Cell - Unstoppable Lv 4

Box Topper HT's:
DR1 Cell - Imperfect Lv 1 (Rainbow)
DR2 Cell - Semi-Perfect Lv 2
DR3 Cell - Perfect Lv 3

P11 Saiyan Domination x3


R101 Black Impatience x2
R102 Black Dispersion x2
R103 Black Dive x5
R104 Black Drain x3
R105 Blue Blanketing Blasts x2
R106 Blue Decapitation x3
R107 Blue Discharge x6
R108 Blue Ki Ball
R109 Blue Return Fire
R110 Namekian Pep Talk x2
R111 Namekian Harvesting Drill x3
R112 Namekian Electrifying Grab x2
R113 Namekian Dash x3
R114 Namekian Ending x5
R115 Orange Intimidating Drill x2
R116 Orange Counter Ball x3
R117 Orange Hug x5
R118 Orange Immense Blast x4
R119 Orange Sword Chop x6
R120 Red Sword Slicing Drill x2
R121 Red Fantasy x3
R122 Red Motivational Kick x3
R123 Red Stylish Entrance x3
R124 Saiyan Overpowering Aura Drill x3
R125 Saiyan Denial x4
R126 Saiyan Extinguishing Blast x5
R127 Saiyan Lob x2
R128 Saiyan Thrust x3
R129 Saiyan Trample x5
R130 Saiyan Trap x4
R131 Singing Drill x2
R132 Android Insubordination x2
R133 Sobering Hammer x5
R134 Stomach Crusher x3
R135 Android 13's S.S. Deadly Bomber x2
R136 Android 13's Impenetrable Defense x3
R137 Broly's Eraser Cannon x3
R138 Broly's Face Crusher x5
R139 Cooler's Rebirth x3
R149 Cooler's Supernova x4

C3 Black Recollection Drill
C7 Black Impact
C12 Blue Intimidation x2
C16 Blue Waiting Drill x2
C21 Blue Swat
C47 Red High Kick
C55 Saiyan Ferocious Blast
C56 Saiyan Severing Punch
C59 Android Arm Breaker x2
U64 Android 13 - Surging Strength Lv 4 x2
U67 Broly - Legendary Lv 3
U68 Broly - Relentless Lv 4 x2
U69 Cooler - Familiar Face Lv 1 x2
U74 Krillin - Quick Lv 2 x2
U79 Android 14 - Stoic Lv 1 x2
U81 Broly - Undaunted Lv 1
U82 Cooler - Angered Lv 1
U83 Paragus - Desperate Father Lv 1
U86 Black Liberation
U88 Blue Skid x2
U91 Namekian Salvo
U95 Red Double Blast
U100 Villainous Power Ball x3
R102 Black Dispersion
R106 Blue Decapitation
R108 Blue Ki Ball
R111 Namekian Harvesting Drill
R116 Orange Counter Ball
R121 Red Fantasy
R124 Saiyan Overempowering Aura Drill x2
R127 Saiyan Lob
R132 Android Insubordination
R139 Cooler's Rebirth

Broly Active Player x8
Goku Active Player x7

P1 Black Smoothness Drill x2


R101 Black Memories x3
R102 Black Annihilation x3
R103 Black Flashback x4
R104 Black Strength Display x2
R105 Black Vehicle Toss x4
R106 Blue Doze x2
R107 Blue Friendliness x4
R108 Blue Elbow x4
R109 Blue Left Blast x3
R110 Blue Smug Punch x4
R111 Namekian Barricade x3
R112 Namekian Fierce Punch x3
R113 Namekian Inheritance x4
R114 Namekian Surge x4
R115 Namekian Thrust x3
R116 Orange Affection Drill x2
R117 Orange Viewing Drill x3
R118 Orange Aggression x4
R119 Orange Collision x3
R120 Orange Knee Strike x4
R121 Red Awakening x4
R122 Red Clock x4
R123 Red Mischief x3
R124 Red Pound x3
R125 Saiyan Anguish Drill
R126 Saiyan Despair x3
R127 Saiyan Dive x4
R128 Saiyan Energy Barrage x3
R129 Saiyan Face Off x4
R130 Cell Jr.'s Swarm x2
R131 Cell Jr.'s Surround x3
R132 Cell's Provocation x4
R133 Gohan's Backlash x3
R134 Goku's Search x2
R135 Hercule's Dynamite Kick x3
R136 Hercule's Grand Entrance x4
R137 Mercenary Tao's Super Dodon Wave x2
R138 Mercenary Tao's Puzzles x4
R139 Trunks' Knee Bash
R140 Vegeta's Final Flash x2

Dragon Rares:
DR1 Goku - Trinaing Lv 1

C2 Black Breaker
C13 Blue Brace
C22 Namekian Cover
C32 Orange Checkup Drill
C48 Red Tilt
C58 Saiyan Turning Kick
U61 Earth Dragon Ball 1
U62 Earth Dragon Ball 2
U63 Earth Draon Ball 3
U67 Earth Dragon Ball 7
U68 Cell Jr. - Taunting Lv 1
U69 Cell Jr. - On the Move Lv 2
U73 Mercenary Tao - Reckless Lv 2
U74 Mercenary Tao - Armed Lv 3
U80 Jimmy Firecracker - Inquisitive Lv 1
U93 Orange Leaping Punch
U95 Red Scanning Drill
U98 Saiyan Clench x3
R103 Black Flashback
R104 Black Strength Display x2
R114 Namekian Surge
R124 Red Pound
R134 Goku's Search
S53 Blue Energy Focus
S78 Namekian Hand Burst
S88 Namekian Elbow Drop

Cell Attack Table x2
Gohan Attack Table x2
Goku Attack Table x2
Hercule Attack Table x2
Trunks Attack Table
Vegeta Attack Table x4

Starter Deck HT's:
S6 Vegeta - Experienced Lv 1
S7 Vegeta - Imposing Lv 2
S8 Vegeta - Energized Lv 3
S9 Vegeta - Pinnacle of Power Lv 4
S10 Orange Retribution Mastery
S11 Cell - Prepared Lv 1
S12 Cell - Combative Lv 2
S13 Cell - Smooth Lv 3
S14 Cell - Unstoppable Lv 4
S15 Namekian Radiant Mastery

Starter Deck Rainbow HT's:
S12 Cell - Combative Lv 2

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Vegeta Lv 3 RAINBOW

Krillin Lv 1 Rainbow

Namekian Rainbow mastery

Saiyan Rainbow Mastery

1x TIAWT promo

3x Gohan's Masenko (2x foil)

3x Trunk's Sword Slash promos


Interested in:


1x Heroic Assistance

1x Saiyan Outrage

1x Focused Assualt

2x Wall Breaker

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I had some people post on my list on pojo first and some of them are going after the rares. I may only have the UR left after those trades get done so let me get back to you.

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Big Boy, someone got to the Villainous Empowerment before you so it's probably gone. I'll let you know though if a trade doesn't happen.



StillRJDude, think you might have read my list backwards cause I don't have Heroic Plan

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Are you interested in buying?  if so I have these for sale:

Set 1
Ultra Rares:
UR161 Heroic Plan
Starter Prizm Parallel HT Rainbow Foils:
S4 Vegeta - Renewed Lv 4
S7 Goku - Energy Gatherer Lv 3
Heroes & Villains
Heroes & Villains Promos:
P1 Saiyan Intimidation

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I have gohan 2 prism. I want saiyan menace and anyone of these cards:


R101 Black Chin Kick


R102 Black Combo


R103 Black Dash


R110 Namekian Knockback


R111 Namekian Overwatch


R113 Namekian Surprise Attack


R115 Orange Electricity


R116 Orange Empowered Kick


R119 Red Threatening Drill


R120 Red Mule Kick


R121 Red Restriction


R124 Saiyan Menace


R126 Saiyan Studying


R127 Dr. Wheelo's Revival


R131 Lord Slug's Fist Slam


R133 Turles' Fruit


R136 Tree Of Might


R139 Pulverize


R140 Sagacious Strike

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Nervousbreakdown, I can buy. I no longer need the P1 saiyan intimidation, so what were you thinking for the other ones?



Vegito, I can do some rares for the gohan 2 prism. Do you want just x1 of everything you listed? LMK and I can throw an offer at you.



Makeshift41, I'm interested in a bunch of foils from you (too many for me to go through). I'd trade the True Power for a small lot of foils if you wanna offer some up.

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Cool. Just hold onto that UR, I am really interested. Do you have any Saiyan foils/Nappa Lv 2,4 or Nail Lv 1,4 foil from Set 2? Cause I can trade for the UR and a few foils.

dude I have nail level 1 and 4 foil I also have piccolo trunks vegeta ally foil

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not sure if I want to do this, but how bout this


I have these that you want:

Android 18 1-4

Trunks 1-4

Goku 1-4

Piccolo 1-4


I want these:

Villainous Empowerment

Android 18's Arm Breaker


I'll give you 2 mp sets for these

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