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Hello All,


My name is Beau, I am from Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Played old z for years, but love the panini z even more.  Main deck is Orange Goku.


Hope more people play in Grand Rapids,  there are no card stores here that carry any DBZ, only target.  The only place I am able to go and play in small tournaments is Traverse city.


O well.



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Welcome aboard! Ready for the new set yet?

Yeah,  I think people are making to big of a deal of the look.  But yeah seems like they are balancing it alot.  It will interesting to see what people build and combos.  I think i might try a goku ally deck, blue.  Blue hasnt seemed fun to play to me yet.

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I'm in Sanford, MI.  We have a lot of spread out players here in MI, but we also tend to drive a ways to play in tourneys.


Let me know if you need help getting a play group started in your area. I end up in, or near, GR often, and can bring some promos for new players and beginner decks made with booster MPs and Masteries to get them going.


I also have people out to my place, and we have lots of tables and open rooms for gaming. Right now groups are still kinda small here 4-6 people or so. The Warren, MI group are averaging like 14 players each week, it's 2hr from GR but its got some of the best players.


Welcome again!!

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