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Fear the Sphere

Hello From New Jersey !

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I never posted up on here and introduced myself to the community. But to start off, My name is David, I'm 25 years old and i live in New Jersey. I love DBZ ( obviously ) I use to collect the old Score Z cards when i was a kid but never played the game. I hopped in the new Panini DBZ game about 3 months ago and i enjoyed ever since. I'm a huge fan of star wars and enjoy collecting the figurines.


I also just want to thank the DBZ Top Tier guys for allowing be apart of the team for such a great cause and game. I hope all of you have a good day and thank all of you for being such a great community.



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Glad ta have ya here!


How's the local player scene in your area?

It's growing here in the South Jersey area. We had only 5-6 players about a couple months ago. Now we have almost 20 players entering in our local tournaments. I have to say it's pretty good and it's only gonna get better. Thank you for asking.

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