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Hello, everyone.


I've been playing DBZ for only several months now, and decided to make an account here after heading up to the CA regionals (had no idea the first place winner would be the owner of this site xD).


I'm fairly new to card games in general, so i started off with DBZ due to a couple of buddies of mine playing it. Even though i never actually saw the show, the MP cards caught my eye the most, and after seeing it at Anime Expo this year, i decided to crack at it.


Anyways, it'll be nice to meet other players outside of the central valley, and i'll make good use of the time here to clean up my deck and take tips for the next regionals.

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Welcome to the site!


If you ever want to play online check out OCTGN:



Even if you don't have time to watch the show there is a great parody called DBZ Abridged and it can get you caught up to speed quicker than watching the series start to finish, even though it is Parody it gives you the highlights and jokes of the main series.

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