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Can't add cards from Saiyan Swat and down

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A large number of cards that come alphabetically after Saiyan Swat won't let you add them to a deck. If you try to add several cards at once to a deck, and any of them are affected by the glitch, none of them show up in the deck once you hit the Add button.

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Saiyan Sword Skill

Saiyan Sword Strike

Saiyan Tracking Blast

Saiyan Transformation Drill

Saiyan Triangle Beams

Saiyan Unleashing Drill

Saiyan Uppercut

Saiyan Upward Kick

Saiyan Wrist Block

Sayian Acute Rapid Slam

Sayian Elbow Drop

Sayian Power Up

Shoulder Slam

Sinister Choke

Stare Down

Tenshinhan Patient

Tenshinhan Prepared

Tenshinhan Returned

Tenshinhan Smug

Tenshinhan Stubborn

Tenshinhans Draining Blast

Tenshinhans Preparation

Tenshinhans Tri Beam

Time Is A Warrior's Tool

Tree of Might

True Power

Trunks Bashful

Trunks Defiant

Trunks Energy Charged

Trunks Inquisitive

Trunks Overpowering

Trunks Resolved

Trunks Returned

Trunks Slam

Trunks Sword Stance

Trunks Swordmaster

Trunks Young Super Saiyan

Trunks' Sword Slash

Tug of War

Turles Conquering

Turles Energy Ring

Turles Fighter

Turles Fruit

Turles Shadowy

Turles Triumphant

Turles Watchful

Turtle Protective

Vegeta Calculating

Vegeta Elite

Vegeta Empowered

Vegeta Impatient

Vegeta On The Move

Vegeta Prince of Saiyans

Vegeta Renewed

Vegeta Super Saiyan

Vegeta Unrelenting

Vegeta Villainous

Vegeta's Anger

Vegeta's Destruction Blast

Vegeta's Galick Gun

Vicious Strike

Villainous Empowerment

Villainous Energy Beam

Villainous Energy Sphere

Villainous Visage

Visiting the Past

Wall Breaker

Withering Fire

Yajirobe Bundled

Yamcha Action Ready

Yamcha Happy

Yamcha On The Move

Yamcha Sleeping

Yamcha Surprised

Yamcha's Rescue

Yamchas Expert Assistance

Zarbon, Loyal Servant

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Since this thread was related to Saiyan cards, I will add this to it.


Found out this morning that it won't let me add 2x Saiyan Rescue to a deck. It says I'm only allowed to have 1 of them per deck.

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Looking into the error on the deckbuilder (although it's not making ANY sense to me at the moment, so might take some time to fix). For now, I recommend individually adding cards instead of using the multi-add function.

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I just wanted to add that I tried indv adding Sinister choke, adding just 1 copy of it by its self and it still didn't work. Just wasn't sure if you needed that info or not but it is still not working. hope this helps

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There's a temporary fix - if you click on the little triangle above title and sort it in descending order, you can add the cards. I'm looking into a permanent fix now, but not quite sure why it's doing it at the moment.

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