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What happened to the "No Respect" thread?

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Unfortunately, though I had started it, I had to close it. There were some issues that were brought to my attention from the thread and it needed to be closed. Great idea, it was an interesting day but it ultimately proved to be opposite of the values I hold when it comes to promoting and helping with the website. It was nice to see people be complete asses at each other, and it was intriguing to see how far, or how reserved certain members were with the thread. I also purposely made the rules very vague and misleading in an attempt to see just how far people were willing to go even though I said they could still be banned from the site. Ultimately, it was my experiment and after the issues, I decided it would be more trouble than it was worth. It also had the nice side effect of cleaning up other topics for a brief time and it also fueled rivalries over the next few days. It was very reminiscent of when Jarrett and I started the original Dragon Ball Top Tier after we had it for arguing with idiots on Fanatics.


One of these days, I will bring it back though next time it will probably be in the off-topic section.

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