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OCTGN Corrections

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Just a few things I have noticed while building an excel catalog for my card collection


Namekian Backflip (Perfection) - misspelled Physical in Type category.
Red Hop (Evolution) - Marked as Physical Combat in Type category (Energy Combat)
Blue Defensive Stance (Evolution) - Marked as Event in Type category (Energy Combat)
Raditz's Dirt Tactics (H&V) -Marked as Freestyle in Type category (Setup)

Nails Heritage (H&V) - Marked as Freestyle in Type category (Event)

Withering Fire (H&V) - Marked as Freestyle in Type category (Energy Combat)


Missing the following cards:

(H&V) (Card Images)

Saiyan Body Blow P15

Namekian Clash P9

Red Controlled Attack P11

Black Enraged Assault P8

Blue Crush P9

Wall Breaker P4

Orange Hand Cannon P17

Red Overpower P5

Withering Fire P6

Orange Possession P12

Blue Overpowering P14

Saiyan Intimidation P1

Black Declaration P13

Isolation P2

Saiyan Outrage P10

Orange Dodge P3

Red Stop P16



Black Searching Technique (Image)



Black Corruption P3 (Okay Image)

Quickness Drill (Image)




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