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Hey guys,


Been working on this all evening. Let me know what you think. I'll be swapping out the background image for something I want (current one was just for testing) and sending it off to a custom playmat amazon shop to see how the dimensions work out for the card places. I would really like to find an AT table to put in the top right corner, but I couldn't find one on google with an opaque background. I saw that trmptdrummer had the table, so hopefully I'll hear back from him soon.


Anyways, let me know if you have any critiques or suggestions!




*Set in Photoshop on a 24" W x 14" L canvas, the size the play mats come in.

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I really like this. I had been thinking of taking some of the extra mats I have and having play zones on the art. Only thing I would want differently is the deck, discard, banished zone to be on the right side, and the attach on the left, because I'm right handed and always have my deck on the right side of my mat.


I really like the attach cards zone, it could also be used for DBs, or allies. A good utility spot.


Awesome work!

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Good idea. I'll change the title to Utility Zone.

I am purchasing my pad today with the above set up. It it prints in the proper dimensions correctly, I would have no problem making one for you manoftomorrow010

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