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[Forum Game] King of the Hill

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Aside from DBZ and all else, it doesn't hurt to have a small game here, right?


Name of the game is King of the Hill, and it's simple. Claim the hill however you can.




Player A: This is an example hill meant solely for me. My Hill.


Player B: I kick Player A off the Hill. My Hill.


Player C: I evict Player B from the hill due to an expired lease and illegal land permits. My Hill.


Seeing how this is the opening post, i'll start us off.



The hill has now left training, and is ready for mutilation from Kamehamehas, orc armies and much more. My Hill.

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Going old school here



Angels sang out in immaculate chorus
Down from the heavens descended Chuck Norris
Who deliver a kick which could shatter bones
Into the crotch of Indiana Jones
Who fell over on the ground, writhing in pain
As Batman changed back into Bruce Wayne
But Chuck saw through his clever disguise
And he crushed Batman's head in between his thighs


My Hill!

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I track the penguin for weeks, knowing the penguin will eventually falter and give me the opening I need to take the shot. Eventually the penguin stops and suspiciously looks around; I have a feeling I've been found out. I take a shot right before his gaze is about to wonder over my position but it only grazes his arm. The penguin charges at me at full speed and in response I plant my feet to brace for impact. The penguin's charge has the power of a freight train but somehow my legs hold and I am able to shift the weight to cause him to fall over. As I descend onto the penguin with the force of a thousand bears I see the look in his eye, of his life flashing through his consciousness one last time before coming to an end.


My hill.

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