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New Player in Maryland

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Hey guys. I'm new to the site here and new to the game. You can call me Pigbones.


I collected some of the old cards when I was younger, but I never really played. I decided to get into the new game and give it a go.


I live in the Frederick, MD area and will most likely just be playing casually.


My favorite character from Dragon Ball is Piccolo, followed by Vegeta.


I dig comics and fantasy novels.


I listen to mostly Punk music and it's descendent genres.


I also play EDH Magic (no other formats), 40k, Age of Sigmar, DCC (and other role playing games) and plenty of other table top games. As far as video games go, I play WoW, Diablo, Pokken Tournament, and other Xbox games.

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Hey Pigbones!

Welcome to the Maryland players. If you're interested we have 2 groups on FB. In the Frederick area, Looking For Games does weekly events on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Squabbles does events on Wednesdays in the Baltimore area, Feel free to send me a PM with your name on FB and i'll add you into our groups!

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