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Saiyan Lob making attacks styled

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So Saiyan Lob makes your next energy attack styled.

My question is "for how long?"

Only during the phase of performing it?

Until the end of the current combat?

For the rest of the game?

(Jk, obviously not that last one)


If I played Broly's Eraser Canon as my next energy attack, it becomes styled. But does it remain styled during the same combat while it's in the discard pile? Can I rejuvenate it with Saiyan Rescue and gain anger off of Saiyan Mastery?


One inquiring mind wants to know!

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It should only be the very next energy attack you perform, as in, the first one you perform following this attack.


And if by some reason, you get get that attack back from the discard, it would only be Styled if it is your immediate "next" energy attack following Lob.

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There is a difference between "energy attack" and "energy attack card".  A card is just a card.  it is not considered an "attack" until you play it from your hand as such.


Precedent would be Gohan lvl 4 with Saiyan mastery.  It says "all your styled attacks gain "Raise your anger 1."  This doesn't add the effect to the card, only to the attack, so they don't count as having "anger" in the card text when in the discard pile and don't chain with his power.


So the next attack is considered styled but once it is resolved and hits the discard pile, it's no longer an "attack" and thus no longer styled.


Also, keep in mind that this power triggers on the next energy attack, so if you drop another saiyan styled energy attack, this power will trigger, essentially doing nothing.

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