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Z Warriors Fantasy Football League (Filled)

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I've started a Fantasy Football League with a friend that I met in Colorado during the regional last year. Figured that this would be really cool if we could create a league filled with all PanZ players and hopefully create some bonds across the world like my friend and I did. We have limited open spaces, so it's a first come first serve basis. If enough people want to play we can make more leagues no problem. Here are the deets for the current league:

Z Warriors

12 team league

*Draft Date is September 4th @6pm est (the Sunday before the first game)

Standard Scoring w/ 0.5 ppr

Roster consists of:

1 QB

2 WR

2 RB

1 TE


1 K


7 Bench


If interested you can post here in this thread. If you have questions please feel free to ask.


*If draft time needs to change we can always try and work something out so that everyone can make the draft

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So there I am, driving to a friends house on Sunday when I get an email saying "congrats on the draft!".  Totally forgot to set a reminder.  Gonna be an interesting team...

Is your team the one with all of questionable players on it?

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