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Edison Carasio

Namekian Radiant Cell Jr jank fun deck

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Kinda slow at work so I typed this up just now.  Pretty basic premise.  Use all the Namekian cards that get buffed from Dragon Balls being in play and from allies being around.  Only running 1 copy of Swarm since if it hits you aren't gonna be playing anymore of them.  This is a rough draft and it's not a very good deck anyway but meh.


Things buffed by Earth Balls (or DB in general)
Radiant Mastery




Head Kick


Dragon Blast


Things buffed by allies:
Cell Jr - Unrelenting

Cell Jr. lv. 2 MP power

Namekian Chest Explosion

Cell Jr. Swarm




Cell Jr. 1-4

Namekian Radiant Mastery


Earth Dragon Ball 1-7


3 Cell Jr - Unrelenting

3 Cell Jr - Escaping

3 Cell Jr - Trapped 

1 Turles


1 Namekian Wish


3 Namekian Hybrid Defense

3 Namekian Barricade

3 Namekian Overtime

3 Cell Jr’s Surround

3 Stare Down

1 Villainous Energy Sphere

1 Time is a Warrior’s Tool


3 Namekian Eviction

3 Namekian Head Kick

1 Cell Jr’s Swarm


3 Namekian Cover

3 Namekian Flinch


3 Namekian Chest Explosion

3 Namekian Dragon Blast

3 Overpowering Attack


3 Namekian Buffer

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