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DBZ Legacy Format

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Shortly before Panini Z was discontinued one of my friends in my local playgroup was dissatisfied with Tim Batow's Fusion Format since it didn't include GT so after applying the Expanded Format CRD with all the rules and what not I decided to help him homebrew this format in an effort to try to get it promoted somehow.


We also needed to add new rules to the format to help try to make it as balanced as possible, and based on some of our recent playtesting there were obviously a lot of power creep issues that needed to be dealt with through bans, restrictions, and errata. We haven't finalized a CRD for it yet but we do have a watch list of cards that may get banned with the most recent one being Z Warriors Gather.


In this format only cards from Score Entertainment's Dragon Ball Z CCG, Dragon Ball GT TCG, and Panini America's Dragon Ball Z TCG are legal including Retro's Virtual Sets for Score Z with Fan Z Virtual Sets still pending. Draw Step has been changed to rearrange the top 8 and draw 4 when entering combat except for drawing 4 when starting a turn prior to the Planning Step.


We're also looking to do our own Virtual Sets for the format that covers Dragon Ball Super.

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