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Derek Lad

Retribution Garlic DBV

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Title: Retribution Garlic DBV

Author: Derek Lad

Deck List:

Main Personality:
Dragon Balls:
Physical Combats:
Energy Combats:


Description: Getting to Lv.3 has never been easier. And due to the Masteries option to only gain an anger, neither has capturing DBs either. With the likes of Vegeta and Drawku tossing massive modifiers around Garlic can quickly mitigate and manage the situation with a combination of his Lv.3, Orange Hiding Drill, and Namek Dragon Ball 6. With a consistent -4/-4 and two blocks on the table agro is easily managed. The quick burst provided by the Mastery and Orange Crying Drill also allows for a sneaky MPPV victory once on Lv.4, but do be careful that you have your ducks in a row before trying it, we all know how that Lv.4 can backfire...


Deck Main View

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WHOA!  Finally somebody else messing with Ret Garlic!  Your build focuses much more on DBV which is pretty neat (dat level 3 power).  I like it!  My build is an MPPV build using DBV as backup, although that level 4 is preeeeety dangerous. 

Orange Ret Garlic is so cool.  Your level 1 is more or less skipped.  Garlic Jr.s Counter Blast on level 3 is a guaranteed good time, especially with VPB, NDB6, and Hiding Drill.

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