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SV828's Back and looking to trade Score Z

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Hey guys I have been collecting and trading DBZ cards since the Frieza Saga of Score was released. I have had around 80 positive refs on the old Top Tier site and many on Deck-Zone before that. I have never had a negative ref. I am currently looking for mainly Score Z but in time will add my Pan Z things, I look forward to trading with you all.


>Based on Refs.

>Small quantities I will use top loader and bubble envelope.

>Insurance will be figured by trade if wanted


>Everything is for sale.

>Paypal is preferred.

>I am not currently buying but if you have an amazing deal I'll listen.


>I have about 5k commons and uncommons just ask.

>I am looking for GT in bulk on the cheap.

>I take great care of my cards, but not all cards are in mint condition as I have cards from many people.

>I have noted cards I feel have concerns to note.

>If a card in our deal has a concern I missed I will let you know before the final deal set.

>If there is a concern with what you have received please let me know as I am more than willing to correct any concerns so we can have a positive trade.



Saiyan Saga

161 Piccolo (level 1)

162 Piccolo (level 2)

163 Piccolo (level 3)

187 Earth Dragon Ball 7

188 Earth Dragon Ball Capture

189 Earth Dragon Ball Combat x3

192 Teaching the Unteachable Forces Observation

194 Unselfish Behavior is Best x3

195 Hero Advantage

196 Saiyan Honor Quest

198 Saiyan Appraisal Maneuver x2

200 Cutting the Tail x3

201 The Tail Grows Back

205 Grabbing the Tail

206 Nappa’s Blinding Stare

207 Power Gifting x3

208 Terrible Wounds

209 Broken Scouter

216 Krillin’s Energy Disk x2

217 Ribs Broken x2

219 Raditz Energy Burst

222 Bulma Finds a Dragon Ball x2

223 Bulma Finds a Drill

227 T-Rex Offensive

228 Vegeta’s Plans x3

229 Ally Wins!

230 Chiaotzu’s Drill x2

231 Goku’s Mixing Drill x2

232 Red Life Attack Drill x2

234 Orange Focusing Drill x2

236 Saiyan Power Drill x2

237 Goku’s Capturing Drill

238 King Kai’s Calming x4

239 Roshi’s Calming

240 Vegeta’s Trick x2

242 Dream Machine Battle x2


Saiyan Saga Foils

3 Orange Two Knuckle Punch

5 Orange Arm Bar

8 Red Knife Hand x2

10 Red Elbow Strike

14 Blue Shoulder Wheel x2

15 Earth Dragon Ball 1 x2

16 Earth Dragon Ball 2 x3

18 Saiyan Arm Throw

19 Saiyan Full Spin Kick x2

21 Saiyan Neck Hold x2

22 Power Up!aa

25 Goku’s Physical Attack

27 Tien’s Physical Attack

29 Yajirobe’s Physical Attack

35 Straining Penetrating Attack Move

36 Straining Fake Left Move x2

38 Straining Arm Drag Move x2

39 Straining Ankle Smash Move

46 Goku Anger Attack x2 (1 Fair Condition)

49 Orange Wrist Flex Takedown

51 Orange Hip Throw

52 Orange Neck Restraints x2

54 Red Knee Strike

55 Red Front Kick

56 Red Side Kick x2

75 Earth Dragon Ball 3

76 Earth Dragon Ball 4

77 Earth Dragon Ball 5

85 Yamcha (level 2)

115 Yamcha’s Energy Attack (Fair Condition)

148 Red Pressure Point Drill

180 Piccolo (level 1 HT)

186 Earth Dragon Ball 6

191 A Beginner’s Heart is Dedicated

214 Gohan’s Father Save

245 Saibaimen (level 3)



Frieza Saga

102 Villain’s Teamwork Drill x3

118 The Plan

Preview 5 The Luck of Trunks x4

Preview 6 Trunks Makes Himself Clear x2


Frieza Saga Foils

116 Goku’s Quickness (Fair Condition)

Preview 4 Good Advice

Preview 5 The Luck of Trunks



Trunks Saga

112 Guru As Your Ally

116 Guru Fades

121 A Hero’s Heart Is Strong

122 An Amusing Trick

123 Drills Are For The Weak

124 Hero’s Way

125 Don’t You Just Hate That

127 Goku’s Battle Ready

133 Roshi’s Thoughts x2

138 Orange Energy Dan Drill

140 Black Smoothness Drill

141 Black Physical Focus x3 (1 Reforged)

155 Krillin Enraged (level 2)


Trunks Saga Foils

12 Blue Stomach Eruption

38 King Cold’s End

192 Goku (level 2 HT) x2


Trunks Reforged Foils

23 Red Gravity Drill

29 Vinegar's Revenge (Back appears to have gotten stuck to something)

32 Garlic Jr.'s Energy

91 Expectant Trunks

97 Blue Leaving

118 What Was I Thinking

125 Don't You Just Hate That

127 Goku's Battle Ready (Both have scratches on front)

139 Orange Junction Energy Blast

140 Black Smoothness Drill (Scratches on front)



Androids Saga

89 Android 17 Smirks

90 Android 18’s Stare Down x2

93 Winter Countryside x2

98 Black Search Maneuver x2

100 Goku’s Heart Disease

102 Namekian Friendship

103 Namekian Teamwork x2

105 Orange Rage

106 Orange Searching Maneuver x3

107 Rebellion x2

108 Red Counterstrike

Preview 6 Cell’s Style


Android Saga Foils

11 Black Jump Kick

88 Unexpected Company



Cell Saga

114 Chi-Chi, the Wife (level 3)

128 Blueprints x2

143 Blue Elbow Drop

148 Saiyan Offensive Rush


Cell Saga Foils

16 Saiyan Energy Attack

109 Bulma, the Expert (level 3)

199 Android 20, the Destructor (level 3 HT)



Cell Games Saga

93 Blue Windup Blast x2

94 Cell Jr. 1 (level 1) x3

95 Injured x2

98 Cell Jr. 2 (level 1)

100 Korin’s Tower

103 Orange Energy Smash x2

104 Blue Fist Smash x2

106 Straining Rebirth Move

107 Android 18’s Effect x2

109 Group Attack x2

110 Orange Focused Attack

112 Vegeta’s Anger Drill

113 Who’s da Man! X3

115 Cell Jr. 1 (level 2) x4

118 Vegeta’s Surprised x3

119 Gohan’s Elbow Block

120 Straining Destruction Move

123 Dragon’s Victory x2

Preview 5 Brothers in Training x2

Preview 6 Chi-Chi on the Attack!


Cell Games Saga Foils

1 Black Explosion

6 Deadly Attack

10 Namekian Crushing Hold

13 Namekian Foot Lunge

15 Orange Uniting Strike

24 Saiyan Blocking Technique

50 Bracing for Impact

73 Red Dueling Drill

82 Red Energy Surprise

88 Saiyan Protection Drill

98 Cell Jr. 2 (level 1)

100 Korin’s Tower

101 The Power of the Dragon

110 Orange Focused Attack

114 Dende (level 2)

120 Straingin Destruction Move



World Games Saga

121 Capsule Corp x2

122 Chapuchai (level 1)

123 Chapuchai, the Tiny (level 2)

125 East Kai Sensei

127 Froug (level 1) x2

128 Froug, the Underdog (level 2)

129 Froug, the Huge (level 3)

130 Gohan, the Energized (level 4)

134 Krillin, the Husband (level 2)

135 Krillin, the Great (level 3)

136 Majin Spopovich (level 1) x2

137 Majin Spopovich, the Empowered (level 2) x2

138 Majin Spopovich, the Revitalized (level 3) x3

143 Torbie, the Silent (level 1) x3

144 Torbie, the Prepared (level 2) x4

145 Torbie, Unleashed (level 3) x2

149 South Kai Sensei

151 Tapkar, the Speedy (level 2) x3

152 Tapkar, the Fastest (level 3)

153 Arqua, the Water Champion (level 1) x2

154 Arqua, the Agile (level 2)

157 World Tournament


World Games Saga Foils

8 Blue Fire Kick

10 Blue Forearm Block

13 Blue Thunder Flash

18 Namekian Halting Stance

19 Namekian Light Jab

20 Namekian Surprise Attack

21 Namekian Throw

37 Straining Reversal Move

45 Black Point Blank Kamehameha (Fair Condition)

54 Blue Rebound

55 Blue Videl’s Knee Bash x2

62 Majin Fist Block

67 Namekian Double Blast

70 Namekian Final Flash

75 Namekian Heat Seeking Blast

77 Namekian Offense

78 Namekian Pikkon’s Defense

79 Namekian Swift Strike (Fair Condition)

80 Namekian Tornado Attack

86 Orange Overpowering Attack

94 Red Aggression

97 Red Energy Focus

104 Red Videl’s Elbow Smash

108 Saiyan Focused Block

114 Saiyan Swift Kick

121 Capsule Corp.

129 Froug, the Huge (level 3)

131 Goku, the King’s Pupil (level 4)

134 Krillin, the Husband (level 2)

138 Majin Spopovich, the Revitalized (level 3)

149 South Kai Sensei

153 Arqua, the Water Champion (level 1)

154 Arqua, the Agile (level 2)

165 Vegeta (level 1 HT)

169 Gohan (level 1 HT)

173 Goku (level 1 HT)


Babidi Saga

97 Daughter’s Joy x2

105 Majin Yakon, the Absorber (level 3)

Preview 5 Supreme Kai’s Power Hold


Babidi Saga Foils

21 Red Forearm Block (Fair Condition)

54 Goku’s Shifted Balance Drill

73 Majin Dabura (level 1)


Buu Saga

121 Alt. Dende Dragon Ball 6

122 Alt. Dende Dragon Ball 7

127 Blue Electrical Gunk

131 Freestyle Mastery

137 Majin Buu’s Flight

138 Elder Kai Sensei

141 Orange Destruction Ball x3

142 Orange Style Mastery

143 Red Cross Punch

149 The Fusion Dance x2

159 Goku (level 1 & 2 HT)

166 Kid Trunks (level 1) Alt.

169 Kid Trunks (level 1 & 2 HT)

174 Goten (level 1 & 2 HT) x2

179 Piccolo (level 2 HT) (Bent)

192 Majin Vegeta (level 1 & 2 HT)


Buu Saga Foils

17 Heroic Quick Kick

18 Horrified

19 Krillin’s Flight

25 Orange Spy Drill

27 Red Fastball

28 Red Fist Catch

32 Saiyan Energy Deflection

33 Saiyan Hand Swipe

37 West City x2

43 Black Gambit

45 Black Heroic Side Kick

48 Black Snap Kick

49 Black Weakness Drill x2

55 Blue Friendship

56 Blue Gambit (bent)

60 Blue Upward Block

62 Cookie!

67 Goku’s Escape x2

69 Hercule’s Underground Training Area

77 Majin Head Blow

84 Orange Flight (Fair Condition)

85 Orange Gambit

91 Physical Defense Drill

96 Red Joker Drill

97 Red Overhead Crush x2

98 Red Pressure Technique

105 Saiyan Ki Ball x2

106 Saiyan Onslaught

107 Saiyan Overwhelming Drill

110 The Other World

112 Whiplash

116 Goku, Super Saiyan Ascended (level 4) x2

117 Kid Trunks (level 4)

121 Alt. Dende Dragon Ball 6

122 Alt Dende Dragon Ball 7

123 Black Front Punch x2 (1 Fair Condition)

131 Freestyle Mastery

132 Gotenks’ Flight

134 Losing Battle

138 Elder Kai Sensei

154 Gotenks (level 1)

155 Gotenks, Super Saiyan (level 2)

Preview 4 Watching From Afar

Preview 6 Gohan, Mystic (level 4)



Fusion Saga

95 Blue Backhand x2

104 Last Ditch Effort

107 Majin Buu’s Energy Spray

109 Majin Buu’s New House

110 Majin Planet Destruction Blast x3

111 Majin Thrust x2

112 Namekian Door Explosion x2


Fusion Saga Foils

2 Black Jaw Hammer

20 Saiyan Neutralization

25 Underdog Drill

38 Black Protection Orb

49 Boomstick

51 Elder Kai’s Sacrifice

56 Krillin’s Sacrifice

72 Red Cross Slash

73 Red Energy Slap

101 Gohan, Mystic Empowered (level 4)



Kid Buu Saga

94 Alt. Namek Dragon Ball 7 x4

95 Black Chaos Detonation x4

96 Black Disarray Drill x7

97 Black Drop Kick x2

98 Black Swerve x4

99 Blue Reverse x6

100 Fond Memories x2

101 Gohan, the Bookworm (level 1) x6

103 Hercule’s Dream Sequence x5

104 King Kai, Earth’s Mentor (level 1) x3

106 Kid Buu, Majin Buu (level 5)

107 Kid Buu’s Prepped Crash x6

108 Orange Head Mash x5

109 Orange Intense Power x3

110 Orange Ki Assailment x4

111 Orange Massacre x6

112 Red Axe Heel Kick x4

113 Red Hunger Drill x3

114 Red Left Bolt x3

115 Red Voltage Missile x3

116 Saiyan Acute Rapid Slam x2

117 Saiyan Beef x2

118 Saiyan Handstand x2

120 Intense Observation Drill x4

121 Uub, Enraged (level 3) x6

122 Vegeta, Settled Down (level 2) x6


Kid Buu Saga Foils

9 Blue Double Blast

12 Blue Stretch Kick

15 Heroic Power Detonation

18 Namekian Remedy Drill x2

25 Red Kaio-Ken Drill

27 Saiyan Aggression Drill

36 Black Buffer Block

39 Blue Alliance

40 Blue Deviation Drill

41 Blue Dikaio Blast

43 Blue Impulse x2

50 Goku’s Setup Strike x2

54 Krillin’s Destructo Disk

61 Orange Carnage

68 Power Headbutt

70 Quick Teleportation Drill x3 (1 Fair Condition)

76 Red Power Slam

80 Saiyan Desperation x2

82 Saiyan Jeering Drill x2

85 Ultra Uppercut

92 Yamcha, the Single (level 2)

94 Alt. Namek Dragon Ball 7

109 Orange Intense Power (Fair Condition)

110 Orange Ki Assailment

111 Orange Massacre x2 (1 Fair Condition)

118 Saiyan Handstand

120 Intense Observation Drill x2




M6 Android 15 (level 3)

M12 Blue Android 15's Energy Ball x2

M25 Android 18's Drop Kick

M29 Android Tag Team x2

M30 Android 18's Palm Blast

M32 Android 18's Left Hook

4 Broly, the Legendary Saiyan (level 4)

8 Broly's Might x3

17 Saiyan Surprise

18 Battle of the Saiyans

26 Efficient Medicine

28 Comet Kumolre

34 Power Transfer

13 Saiyan Outburst

19 Bulma and Chi-Chi's Stare Off

26 Triple Torpedo (fair condition)

29 Bojack's Defensive Shield

30 Zanya's Entrapping Strings x2

CA16 Gohan's Immense Power

CA21 Goku's Super Saiyan Catch

CA27 Alt. Earth Dragon Ball 3

CA35 A Hero's Heart is Strong




L3 Team Work Kamehameha

L4 Goku's Relentless Spirit x3




P9 Red Blocking Hand x2

P1 Trunks Defensive Crouch (Reforged) x2

P2 Confrontation (Reforged) x3

P3 Concentration Drill (Reforged)

P4 Blue Battle Drill (Reforged)

P5 Tien Stands Ready (Reforged) x3

P6 King Cold's Sword Trick (Reforged) x3

P7 Garlic Jr.'s Revenge (Reforged)

P8 Trunks Power Strike (Reforged)

P9 Surprise! (Reforged) x2

P10 Showdown (Reforged)

P1 Cell Jr.'s Flight x13

P9 Tapkar on the Move x2

P1 Majin Babidi's Magic

P6 Majin Strength Training x7

P8 Outer Space x4

P10 Total Defense Drill x7

P2 Goku's Power Strike x3

CP1 King Kai (level 1) 

CP2 King Kai (level 2) x4

CP3 King Kai (level 3) x3

CP5 Lord Slug (level 2) x4

CP6 Lord Slug (level 3)

CP7 Master Roshi (level 1) x4

CP8 Master Roshi (level 2) x3

CP9 Master Roshi (level 3) x3

CP11 Future Gohan (level 2)

CP12 Future Gohan (level 3)

CP13 Ginyu Force (level 1) x2

CP14 Ginyu Force (level 2) x2

CP15 Ginyu Force (level 3)

CP16 Bubbles (level 1) x3

CP17 Bubbles (level 2) x3

CP18 Bubbles (level 3) x3

CP19 Mighty Mask (level 1)  x2

CP20 Mighty Mask (level 2)

CP21 Mighty Mask (level 3)

CP22 Bardock (level 1)

CP25 Meta-Cooler (level 1)

CP26 Meta-Cooler (level 2) x2

CP27 Meta-Cooler (level 3)

CP28 Android 17 (level 1) x2

CP29 Frieza (level 1) x2

CP30 Krillin (level 1)

CP31 King Kai, the Mentor (level 4)

CCPP 10 Blitz! x3

CR11 Goku's High Kick x3

GB6 Black Body Destruction

GB7 Gathering of Heroes x4

GB9 Taunting Drill x2

INF1 Red Overbearing Attack x2

LV1 King Cold, the Boastful (level 2) x3

LV2 Frieza, the Untouchable (level 1) x2

LV3 Rats, Foiled Again! x4

LV4 Grand Kai Sensei

LV5 Jeice, the Avenger (level 1) x2

LV6 Cell's Neck Grab x2

LV7 Heroes En Masse x6

PS2 Goku, the Puppet (level 1) x3

PS3 Piccolo, the Puppet (level 1) x2

PS4 Vegeta, the Puppet (level 1) x2

PS5 Hercule, the Puppet (level 1) x3

PS6 Stupid Tricks! x3

42 Breakthrough Drill

TF1 Black Smackdown

TF2 Blue Smackdown

TF7 Garlic Jr.'s Palm Blast (Scratches on front)

TF8 Loser With Style Drill x2

TF9 Krillin's Coolness Drill

TF10 Are You Tuff Enuff???

TF12 Namekian Side Swipe (Scratches on front)

TF15 Blue Show Off

TF16 Straining Double Strike Move

TF19 Blue Goku's Power Kick

TF20 Blue Frustration Drill

X3 Motherly Rage (Small crease at top)



Pack Inserts

Trunks lv2 Poster

Top Left

Top Center

Center Right

Bottom Left

Bottom Center

Bottom Right



GT Promos

T2 Strength of the Dragon x2

T3 Blitz Drill (Top right corner slight scratches)

T4 Old School Beatdown (Scratches on front)




Saiyan Saga

246 Saibaimen (level 4)

247 Goku’s Truce

248 Goku’s Plan

249 Medic Kit

250 Chiotzu’s Physical Defense


Saiyan Saga Foils

88 King Kai Uniform

90 Mother’s Touch

93 Saiyan Mental Energy Attack

95 Saiyan Energy Aura

102 Raditz Honor Duel!

113 Krillin’s Energy Attack

116 Yamcha’s Physical Defense

120 Nappa’s Energy Aura

123 Chiaotzu’s Energy Manipulation

125 Blue Off-Balancing Opponent Drill

149 Meditation Drill

151 Orange Joint Restraint Drill

152 Black Defender Drill

188 Earth Dragon Ball Capture

203 Saiyan Truce Card

204 Battle Pausing

205 Grabbing the Tail

215 Krillin’s Drill

216 Krillin’s Energy Disk

219 Raditz Energy Burst

221 Vegeta’s Quickness Drill

224 Baba Witch Viewing Drill

228 Vegeta’s Plans

233 Blue Life Defense Drill

235 Black Shadow Drill

238 King Kai’s Calming



Frieza Saga

125 Super Saiyan Goku (level 4)


Frieza Saga Foils

7 Blue Energy Flight

8 Recoome Boom

15 Gohan’s Temper

26 A Hospital Stay

28 Orange Fist Detonation

30 Time Is A Warriors Tool

31 Dodoria Energy Flight

34 Saiyan Planet Explosion

41 Chi-Chi (level 2)

42 Bulma (level 2)

49 Frieza Smiles

66 Blue Mental Drill

71 Orange Leg Drill

73 Red Implosion Drill

79 Frieza’s Influencing Drill

81 Krillin’s Power Block

96 Nail the Namekian (level 1)

103 Human Technology

105 Dende’s Help

108 Yamcha’s Good Wishes

108 Nail the Namekian Hero (level 3)

120 Bulma’s Scouter



Trunks Saga

157 Where There’s Life There’s Hope

158 Villain’s True Power

159 Goku, the Unbeatable (level 4)

160 King Cold, the All Powerful (level 4)

164 Goku, the Leader (level 1)

165 Goku, the Defender (level 2)

167 Piccolo, the Avenger (level 1)

168 Piccolo, the Revived (level 2)

169 Piccolo, the Hero (level 3)

170 Gohan, the Furious (level 1)

172 Gohan, the Warrior (level 3)

173 Vegeta, the Determined (level 1)

174 Vegeta, the Powerful (level 2)

175 Vegeta, in Training (level 3)

185 Trunks (level 1)

186 Trunks, the Swordsman (level 2)

167 Super Saiyan Trunks (level 3)


Trunks Saga Foils

21 Black Overpowering Attack

58 Scorning Aura Shot

59 Frieza Is Ready

67 Red Knee Eruption

80 Namek Dragon Ball 4

125 Don’t You Just Hate That

130 Krillin’s Heat Seeking Blast



Androids Saga

124 The Hero Is Down

125 Trunks Guardian Drill


Androids Saga Foils

Preview 2 Cell’s Dark Attack

Preview 3 Cell’s Energy Blast



Cell Saga

122 Dende Dragon Ball 7

127 Trunks, the Powerful (level 4)

134 Gohan, the Winner (level 5)

137 Cell, the Destroyer (level 4)

138 Gohan, Ascended (level 4)

157 Z Warriors Gather

158 Cell’s Presence

159 Vegeta, the Revitalized (level 5)


Cell Saga Foils

1 Blue Sliding Dodge

2 Red Side Step

3 Blue Fist Strike

6 Saiyan Right Cross

7 Namekian Energy Ray

8 Black Fatality

9 Blue Flight

15 Saiyan Counter Strike

21 Orange Side Step

24 Saiyan Palm Blast

26 Black Forearm Block

28 Red Defensive Jump

29 Orange Strike

30 Black Strike

31 Orange Energy Deflection

32 Red Power Strike

33 Red Face Strike

35 Orange Left Kick

38 Black Neck Break

41 Saiyan Triple Kick

42 Namekian Fist Block

45 Namekian Energy Catch

46 Red Offensive Stance

47 Blue Evasion

48 Orange Energy Focus

53 Saiyan Power Kick

56 Blue Palm Shot

57 Jed Jump

58 Namekian Rock Crush

59 Saiyan High Jump Kick

60 Saiyan Flying Kick

61 Orange Solar Flare

63 Orange Side Shot

66 Blue Wrist Block

67 Orange Ally Drill

68 Heroes’ Discovery

69 Piccolo’s Determination

70 The Car

71 Krillin’s Thoughts

72 Capsule Corp. Ship

77 Trunks Prepares

78 Smokescreen

79 Time Chamber Training

80 Gohan’s Stance

82 Cell’s Android Absorption

91 Tien’s Tri-Beam

92 Orange Deflection

94 Namekian Side Kick

101 Orange Goku’s Kamehameha

104 Blue Straight Jab

105 Namekian Power Up

106 Android 16 Detects

110 Krillin Asks For Help

112 Namekian Dash Attack

113 Madness!

119 Namekian Preparation Drill

125 Run Away

128 Blueprints

142 Red Feint

143 Blue Elbow Drop

144 Blue Diving Punch Drill

145 Blue Left Cross Punch

147 Orange Haulting Drill

148 Saiyan Offensive Rush

149 Namekian Fusion

153 Namekian Energy Focus

155 Saiyan Rapid Fire

156 Blue Head Charge

Preview 1 Cell’s Draining

Preview 3 Cell’s Last Strike

Preview 6 Cell’s Style



Cell Games Saga

124 Trunks, the Battler (level 5)

125 Piccolo, the Defender (level 5)



World Games Saga

158 Evil Presence Drill

159 Goku, the Galactic Hero (level 5)

160 Goku’s Blinding Strike

161 Pikkon, the Prized Fighter (level 5)


World Games Saga Foils

Preview 7 Majin Vegeta, the Dark Prince (level 1)



Babidi Saga

98 Gohan, Energized (level 1)

123 Majin Vegeta, the Malevolent (level 5)


Babidi Saga Foils

1 Android 18’s Iron Defense

6 Black Quick Kick

7 Blue Cape Swing

12 Entering the Arena

13 Hercule’s Power Stance

14 Heroic Shoulder Slam

19 Orange Firebreath

20 Orange Right Punch

23 Red Slide

24 Red Thrusting Beam

26 Saiyan Duck

27 Saiyan Energy Rupture

28 Saiyan Might

30 Saiyan Prepared Smash

31 Straining Counter Punch

36 Black Backstab

41 Black Surprise Maneuver

43 Blue Leverage

46 Blue Torso Strike

50 Majin Dabura’s Petrifying Spit

53 Goku’s Berserk

58 In the Groove

60 Majin Defense Drill

61 Majin Lightning Hit

68 Majin Vegeta’s Frantic Attack

74 Orange Critical Hit

75 Orange High Block

77 Orange Surprise Reaction

78 Orange Temple Strike

79 Paper, Rock, Scissors

88 Saiyan Movement

91 Majin Vegeta’s Rage

97 Daughter’s Joy

110 Majin Quickness

119 Risky Maneuver

120 Saiyan Headshot

Preview 5 Black Choke Hold

Preview 6 Red Torso Chop

Preview 7 Red City Destruction



Buu Saga

150 Eternal Dragon’s Quest

151 Majin Buu (level 5)



Fusion Saga Foils

21 Saiyan Power

48 Blue Weaving



Kid Buu Saga

124 Earth’s Spirit Bomb


Kid Buu Saga Foils

6 Black Magic

29 Saiyan Stop

30 Stupendous Strike

45 Bulma, the Wife (level 1)


49 Energy Lob

59 Massacre of the Billions and Millions

69 Provoke Drill

84 Ultimate Defense

91 Yajirobe, Retired (level 1)

116 Saiyan Acute Rapid Slam

Preview 6 The Might of Shenron




P8 Goku’s Good Swift Kick

P7 Garlic Jr.’s Revenge

P5 Android 19 is Stoic

P7 Android 16 Smiles

P9 Goku’s Hesitation

P1 Cell’s Self Destruct

P5 Goku Charges

P9 A Raditz Memory

M10 Android 13’s Prepared Stance

M11 Goku’s Defensive Stance

P3 Majin Buu’s Fury

P10 Majin Buu’s Smooch

10 Broly’s Supreme Power

26 Efficient Medicine

32 Heroic Double Team

P2 Hercule Draws Steel

P3 Heroic Head Throw

P4 Human Extinction Attack

P5 Locked On

P6 Orange Blitzkrieg

P8 Orange Palm Technique

P9 Orange Power Point

CA25 Returning the Favor

17 Black Eradication

24 Trunks Deadly Impact

32 Power Overwhelming

L2 Line Up (non-foil)

GKI1 Your Invited

SZ1 Black Lunge

SZ2 Victorious

SZ3 Champion Drill

SZ4 Champion’s Belt

SZ5 Victorious Drill

SZ6 Champions Aura

SZ7 Let The Games Begin

SZ8 World Champion Punch

SZ9 Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Champion

INF2 Confrontation

GB3 Orange Scatter Shot

GB4 Namekian Dash

F1 Half-Nelson

F3 Orange Conversion Drill

F4 Black Stomach Breaker

F5 Blue Energy Eruption Drill

F6 Regeneration Drill

K1 Goku’s Kamehameha

K2 It’s Empty

K4 Majin’s Rapid Fire

K5 Stop!

K6 Majin Buu’s Childish Taunt

K7 Multi-Purpose Strike

GS1 Startled

K1 King Cold, the Mighty (level 4)

K1 King Kai (level 1)

K2 King Kai (level 2)

K3 King Kai (level 3)

K4 Gohan’s Power Hit

K5 Trunks Speedy Flight

J1 Fatherly Advice

J2 Blue Backbreaker

J3 Excessive Aggression

IR2 Super Saiyan Gohan (level 2)

IR4 Videl’s Head Kick

IR17 Make A Wish

IR21 Long Journey

IR22 Black Upward Dodge

IR27 Super Buu’s Absorption

IR31 Pikkon’s Leg Catch

IR35 Gohan’s Jump Kick

IR36 Ring Out

IR37 Black Sweeping Strike

IR38 The Pairings

P1 Black Machine Gun

P2 Black Rejection

P3 Blue Taunt

P4 Blue Warped Ray

P5 Orange Needles

P6 Red Foot Lock Drill

TGT The Golden Ticket

M1 A Simple Wish

M3 Black Broly Blast

M4 Black Diamond Throw

M5 Black Leapfrog

M6 Black Torture Hold

M7 Blue Accelerated Volley

M9 Blue Careen

M10 Blue Overhead Catch

M12 Broly (level 5)

M13 Broly (level 2)

M14 Broly (level 1)

M15 Broly (level 3)

M16 Broly’s Dashnig Punch

M17 Crazy Ritual

M18 Dragon Radar

M19 Frightened

M20 Krillin (level 1)

M21 Orange Energy Toss

M23 Orange Shift

M24 Orange Soul Exertion

M26 Red Pummel

M27 Red Throwdown

M28 Red Uncontrolled Salvo

M29 Saiyan Broly Charge

M30 Saiyan Doubled Kamehameha

M31 Saiyan Handstand Kick

M32 Saiyan Head Crush

M33 Saiyan Nose Clip

M36 Unexpected Arrival

P1 Super Android 17’s Straight Shot

P2 Pan’s Stomach Puncture

P3 Dashing Drill

P4 Hair Grab

P5 Goku, the Martial Artist (level 1)

P6 Erattic Energy Drill

P1 Piccolo, king of Hell (level 4)

P2 Shenron’s Call

P3 Magical Eyedrops

VI1 Captain Ginyu (level 1)

VI2 Captain Ginyu, The Leader (level 2)

VI3 Captain Ginyu, The Head Honcho (level 3)

VI4 Captain Ginyu , the Bigwig (level 4)

VI5 Dodoria (level 1)

VI6 Dodoria, the Bulging (level 2)

VI7 Dodoria, the Bulky (level 3)

VI8 Dodoria, the Brawney (level 4)

VI9 King Cold, (level 1)

VI10 King Cold, Father of Frieza (level 2)

VI11 King Cold, the Baron (level 3)

VI12 King Cold, The Tyrant (level 4)

VI13 Majin Yakon (level 1)

VI14 Majin Yakon, Lizard Man (level 2)

VI15 Majin Yakon, Energy Sucker (level 3)

VI16 Majin Yakon, the Dark (level 4)

VI17 Nappa (level 1)

VI18 Nappa, Bald Saiyan (level 2)

VI19 Nappa, Saiyan Warrior (level 3)

VI20 Nappa, Energetic (level 4)

VI21 Saibaimen (level 1)

VI22 Saibaimen, the Green Guy (level 2)

VI23 Saibaimen, the Organic (level 3)

VI24 Saibaimen, the Nutty (level 4)

VI25 Zarbon (level 1)                                                                                                   

VI26 Zarbon, the Fashionable (level 2)

VI27 Zarbon, the Monstrous (level 3)

VI28 Zarbon, the Evil (level 4)

P1 Goku, the Super Saiyan (level 1)

P2 Ledgic (level 1)

P3 Goku’s Prepared Ray

P4 Rewound

P5 Trunks’ Machine Capture

P6 Instant Teleportation Drill



Pack Inserts

Frieza Saga








Babidi Saga Puzzle

Top Left

Center Center

Bottom Center

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