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Playing Online - Tabletop Simulator

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First, you're going to need Tabletable Simulator. Tabletop Simulator uses Steam by Valve. This can be purchased on the Steam Page

After you have purchased, install and start the game.

When you create a single or multiplayer game, a new screen will pop up asking you what game you would like to load. The 3rd row down are options from the Steam Workshop, which if you are subscribed to the destiny mod, you can then select it.  If you are not subscribed, click here and select Subscribe. Once selected, the game will load the appropriate table and scripts.

Mikechambers on Reddit put together a really quick guide that explains how to use custom decks from SWDestinyDB in the Star Wars Destiny mod for Tabletop Simulator.

Create and Export Deck
Create a deck at SWDestinyDB
Once it is ready, export it by selecting the Download button on the deck page. Make sure the button drop-down is set to "Tabletop Simulator". This will create and save a JSON file containing information for your deck.
Save Deck

Save the JSON file to Tabletop Simulator.

Windows 10
ACCOUNT_HOME\Documents\my games\Tabletop Simulator\Saves\Chest

ACCOUNT_HOME/My Games/Tabletop Simulator/Saves/Chest

Use Deck in Tabletop Simulator

  • Run Tabletop Simulator, and launch the Star Wars Destiny Mod
  • Select "2 Player Game", and then choose the number of characters you have for each player (red / blue).
  • Click "Spawn" to launch the game. This will spawn an empty board for 2 players, with slots for the number of characters selected with each player.
  • From the top menu, select "Objects" (Meeple icon) "Saved Objects". You should see your deck name listed.
  • Click deck (it is a button). This will place a little bag on the board. Right click on the bag and select "Search". This will show all of the contents of your deck, separated by your main deck, characters and battlefield.
  • Drag all of the items out to the board and place them in the correct position. Note that dice for the characters won't spawn until you place them on their character sheet.
  • You can now delete the bag, and should be ready to play.
  • When the second player joins, you will need to promote them in order to allow them to grab their deck from the chest.

Updated 2/21/17 to account for some TTS UI changes.

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