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This was just a deck I was toying around with after I saw one of our Las Vegas locals destroy people with something similar (and probably fine-tuned).

Emperor's Throne Room, Death Star II (Awakenings #167)

2x Poe Dameron, Ace Pilot (Awakenings #29)
2x Rey, Force Prodigy (Awakenings #38)

1x Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber (Awakenings #41)
1x One With The Force (Awakenings #42)
1x Rey's Staff (Awakenings #44)
2x Force Throw (Awakenings #57)
2x Lightsaber (Awakenings #59)
2x Mind Probe (Awakenings #60)
2x Datapad (Awakenings #62)
2x Holdout Blaster (Awakenings #63)

2x Launch Bay (Awakenings #31)
1x Black One (Awakenings #32)
1x Outpost (Awakenings #53)

2x Defensive Position (Awakenings #104)
2x Field Medic (Awakenings #105)
2x Defensive Stance (Awakenings #115)
1x Force Misdirection (Awakenings #116)
2x Dug in (Awakenings #139)
2x Logistics (Awakenings #142)
2x Deflect (Awakenings #145)


Idea is to just to just roll as much damage as you can, and with the Emperor's Throne Room trigger to just push damage with Poe's special.


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This is something I've been working on as well. I have some major differences.

I run Graveyard over Throne Room. This is a preference and highly depends on your gameplan. My Goal is to let Poe be the target, and build up Rey for the end game. Being able to play Holdout Blaster every turn on Rey allows me to cheat out damage, and bridges to a better upgrade. I also like being able to freely pitch any upgrade/support to Poe's ability knowing that I can get it back. Want to pitch a One With The Force with Poe's special, but want to attach it to Rey next turn? Why not both?

I don't play Lightsabers, generic or Luke's, and I play 2 Rey's Staff. I don't like Rey's dice... they're awful, but dammit they get so much better with Rey's staff. More so than attaching a Lightsaber to her. I also run 2 One With The Force, usually have no problem paying for it and it's the first major upgrade I want on the board.

I don't play Launch Bay or Outpost, and play 2 Black Ones. They're 1 cost cheaper than Launch Bay, making it more likely they hit the field, and using Launch Bay with Poe's ability will usually net the same amount of damage. I do feel like Launch Bay has more versatility with it's die sides though.

I run Hit and Run, again because I like to cheat damage. Hit and Run into a Mind Probe special is soul crushing. I always run 1 Dodge now, because every game I've drawn it it has been useful. I also run Willpower. It's a small poke, but a 2 damage swing that can surprise your opponent with a knockout is pretty useful. I felt Dug In and Defensive Stance was too much, and decided that Dug In was better since my goal was to claim faster than my opponent. I also feel Deflect is needed in every Blue deck, it punishes about 80% of the field currently.

I'm struggling to find a hero team that I like playing. Every hero team I make usually consists of Rey because of her cost and ability being super amazing. Most of the Hero teams I've tried seem to fall short from my villain teams. I almost like Qui-Gon/Rey more than any other hero deck because of all the Anti-Range meta atm. Dodge and Deflect are extremely punishing and It's hard for Poe and Han to avoid that considering they both have crazy high range damage on them.

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I have enjoyed playing this online a lot, however I play the deck quite a bit differently.

I would cut:

-1 Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber
-1 Black One
-2 Launch Bay
-1 Outpost
-2 Defensive Stance
-2 Logistics
-1 Force Misdirection

Add in:
+2 Jedi Robes (Adds more Focus to the deck, helps gain quick shields, can be overlayed with better weapon)
+2 All In (I like All In with decks that have focus and dfferent damage types)
+2 Comlink (Adds more focus, can be quick re-rolls in a pinch, great with Rey's Ability)
+1 One With the Force (Powerful die, good card is good)
+1 Rey's Staff (Extra staff can be pitched to Poe's Special)
+2 Hit and Run (Ambush with Poe ability can be nuts, good with All In too)

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