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Justin McBride

Justin's eJango and 2 Trooper deck

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Total Cards: (30)

Character: (30/30)  
2x Jango Fett (Awakenings) 
2x First Order Stormtrooper (Awakenings) 

1x Frozen Wastes (Awakenings) 

Event: (12)  
2x Cannon Fodder (Awakenings) 
2x Electroshock (Awakenings) 
2x Flank (Awakenings) 
2x He Doesn’t Like You (Awakenings) 
2x Tactical Mastery (Awakenings) 
2x The Best Defense... (Awakenings) 

Support: (2)  
2x Backup Muscle (Awakenings) 

Upgrade: (16)  
2x DH-17 Blaster Pistol (Awakenings) 
2x F-11D Rifle (Awakenings) 
2x Holdout Blaster (Awakenings) 
2x Hunker Down (Awakenings) 
2x Jetpack (Awakenings) 
2x On the Hunt (Awakenings) 
2x Personal Escort (Awakenings) 
2x Promotion (Awakenings) 

Haven't gotten a chance to play this one yet, basic idea is to try and make it a three color eJango deck that can control dice and brng the heat. Electroshock, Flank, Cannon Fodder, Personal Escort are used to break up damage chains/protect your best character (Jango) I like the idea of two troops just to have the possibility to use Tactical Mastery longer. If you get a chance to play with it, LMK what you think.

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