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Justin McBride

Justin's LS Three Color Mess

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Total Cards: (30)

Character: (30/30)  
1x Admiral Ackbar (Awakenings) 
1x Hired Gun (Awakenings) 
2x Rey (Awakenings) 

1x Starship Graveyard (Awakenings) 

Event: (12)  
2x All In (Awakenings) 
1x Deflect (Awakenings) 
2x Dug In (Awakenings) 
1x Electroshock (Awakenings) 
2x Flank (Awakenings) 
1x Scavenge (Awakenings) 
1x Defensive Position (Awakenings) 
2x Hit and Run (Awakenings)

Support: (1)
1x Millennium Falcon  

Upgrade: (17)  
2x DH-17 Blaster Pistol (Awakenings) 
2x DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol (Awakenings) 
2x Holdout Blaster (Awakenings) 
1x Hunker Down (Awakenings) 
1x Comlink (Awakenings)
2x Jedi Robes (Awakenings) 
1x Jetpack (Awakenings) 
1x Lightsaber (Awakenings) 
1x Mind Probe (Awakenings) 
2x Rey’s Staff (Awakenings) 
1x Force Throw (Awakenings) 
1x One With the Force (Awakenings)

This deck is a pile of crap that I built a while back. It's currently 14-3 on TTS. Got the character line-up idea from SunnyD then built a deck around that line up. Probably completely different from his, but that's the fun of this game and three color decks. Goal is to build up Rey with Ambush actions, then try to Hit and Run into All-In for massive swings. This deck is weird, and most people will play it like shit - so give it a shot!

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