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Official details released via iCV2

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So this may be the first official public info we have gotten on this game so far.  A lot of details on release style, plus hints on tournament kits, support and previews.  More solid info should come out at the GAMA show this month. (WARNING; the article seems like it was proofread by Stephen Root's character from Oh Brother Where Art Thou)


Details:  Dragon Ball Super - Set 1: Dawn of Vengeance

Release window: Summer 2017

Starter Decks: 6 per box, 8 boxes per case (Deck contains 50 cards +1 leader card)

17 different cards that are Starter Deck only (9C, 3U, 5R)

Booster Boxes: 12 card packs, 24 pack boxes, 12 box cases (packs contain 8 commons, 3 uncommons and 1 rare or higher)

114 different cards (60C, 30U, 12R, 8 Super Rare, 4 Premium Rare)

Special Pack Boxes: 6 per Box, 48 box cases (Contains 4 booster packs, 1 promo and rulebook and playmat, likely paper)


Lead up info:

Stores will be able to get preview kits which include 20 sets of half decks (25 cards +1 leader)


It was also stated they will provide tournament kits for shops.  No word on official OP yet.


More details will be available at the GAMA trade show (March 13-17).

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