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Attack Table Adjustment?

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13 hours ago, soviet prince said:

t vegeta and goku are powerful but there not strong enough individually to beat gohan buu but when combined becoming vegeto they can beat gohan buu even if the total power did not increase but just joined together rather then split




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39 minutes ago, Edison Carasio said:

I've been checking in periodically but I'm glad to say "I told you so" about Future Gohan being broken and no one listening to me.  It's like people here never freaking learn.  


I mean, everyone but Thearbiter20x6 said future Gohan was busted, so idk where your getting this from.

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Not repeatedly updating the AT Table was among the best choices made when Panini rebooted the TCG. I do agree that a G could be considered at something like 100,000,000+(Panini's max for the Promo SSG Goku) if anything, but for the remainder of this series I think the Bracket works just fine. Powerlevels are already a vague concept and that'll come up with someone like Babidi. His magical influence can overtake someone like Dabura who is at Cell's level(after the Majin boost) but he's obviously much weaker than that since Piccolo could shake him off like nothing during battle. I could see why a Babidi MP would max out anywhere from 1,000 to ~100,000.

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