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My Next Set Preview! Eradication!

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Hey everyone! For those of you who follow my cards or take an interest in them when they come out or for anyone else who wants to start taking a look, here's some info for you! Looks like FanZ beat me to the punch again with releasing information. That's all well and good though, I know just how much work they're putting into it. Don't forget to check out their new set info. A post has already been made so go take a look!

While the Terror Set Revision is coming along well and will be a fully usable set hopefully before the end of Summer, my Subset "Eradication" is currently in it's testing stages. FanZ was kind enough to tell you what to expect from theirs so I figure I owe the same courtesy. Here's what to expect:

- Three brand new MP stacks including a new version of Broly from Broly - Second Coming. The new MP's are Bojack from Bojack Unbound and Dr. Raichi and Hatchiyack from Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans.

- Seven brand new Allies including a new Broly Ally from Broly - Second Coming. The new Allies are Bojack, Bido, Bujin, Kogu and Zangya from Bojack Unbound and Dr. Raichi and Hatchiyack from Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans.

- Each new MP will get 2 Named cards and Broly will receive 1 new Named card.

- The set will consist of 86 cards and 2 Previews for the Terror Revision.

While the cards are already in their testing stage, There's still room for suggestions and changes. If anyone has a specific power they'd like to see on a Styled, non-Styled, Named or personality card, please feel free to post it here and we'll see what we can do!

@Artificial Human, @abstraktpb and I thank you for your input, interest and continued support :).


NOTE: @sh0ryu_repp4 has recently agreed to participate in the editing/testing team and, though his assistance may be limited, will be providing support on balancing the cards. Wanted to give a shout out to him and say thank you, and I hope you all enjoy the great ideas and experience he brings to the table.

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