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PanZ Styles Statistics

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Hey everyone! While working on my set Eradication, I decided to make a little cheat sheet for myself to tell me what kind of card each set focuses on. I figured I'd share the information I found so far. Now this does not include any Free Style cards, Allies, Masteries or MP's or ANY cards from custom sets including FanZ. Styled PanZ cards only. Some of it you probably already know, but I felt some of it was a little surprising. Gonna do highest amounts to lowest. Here we go!

Red & Saiyan - 49
Black - 43
Namekian - 40
Blue - 36
Orange - 27

Blue - 14
Namekian, Orange, Red & Saiyan - 11
Black - 10

Namekian - 35
Black & Saiyan - 32
Red - 29
Orange - 27
Blue - 26

Black & Blue - 12
Namekian, Orange, Red & Saiyan - 10

OMNI BLOCK CARDS(Not Prevention):
Blue & Namekian - 2
Red & Saiyan - 1
Black & Orange - 0

Saiyan - 19
Black, Blue & Namekian - 16
Red - 15
Orange - 12

Blue - 19
Namekian - 12
Black & Saiyan - 11
Orange - 9
Red - 7

Orange - 36
Black - 15
Blue & Red - 14
Namekian - 9
Saiyan - 8

ENDURANCE CARDS(Not Prevention):
Black - 40
Saiyan - 36 (Not including the cards with printed 0 Endurance.)
Red - 36
Namekian - 35
Blue - 31
Orange - 27

Cards with Anger gain, lowering, and other effects have not been added together yet.

And there you have it! I was honestly surprised that Saiyan not only had the most overall attacks, but they had just as many Physical attacks as Red. I was also surprised to learn that Namekian did not have the most cards with Endurance. Hope this helps a few people who are making sets themselves or even for deck building. If anyone decides to go back and double check my work, PLEASE let me know if I missed anything. Also keep in mind that if the card was an Event, Drill, Setup or Attack AND it stopped an attack, I listed in both of the categories. Enjoy everyone!

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First off - Good on you! That must have taken some work to go through and sort (And by the looks of it is an ongoing project). 


At first glance, this feels like one of those statistics listings that you can use to make all kinds of false assumptions from. Especially misleading I feel is the endurance amount. Black has always had a bunch of endurance cards, but compared to say, your average Saiyan deck, those Endurance 1 cards just don't go as far as the endurance 3-4s.  Still awesome information though.


Any chance you have this all in a spread sheet for sorting purposes? I would love to know how many of those physical attacks have endurance for example.


Random note - Wouldn't blue have 3? The setup, (Blockade?), then two events (First one omni block that removes itself if your not above an anger threshold, and the second blocks all attacks if you bounce an ally).  Sorry I'm horrible with card names and can't be more helpful. I think all three are from set one. 

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