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Justin McBride

Elite Luke Skywalker and Maz

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eLuke Maz

Upgrades: (16)
2x Fast Hands
2x Force Speed
1x Rey's Staff
2x Display of Power
2x Vibroknife
2x Force Throw
1x Lone Operative
1x Luke Skwalker's Lightsaber
1x Lightsaber
1x One With the Force
1x Mind Probe

Events: (14)
1x Loth-Cat and Mouse
2x High Ground
2x Electroshock
2x Deflect
2x Force Misdirection
2x Destiny
2x Scavenge
1x New Orders

Starship Graveyard

Keeping this for future reference. Probably junk. Use Starship Graveyard to abuse Display of Power to keep your character's alive for a long time (or until you build them up) I like the idea of Scavenge with Destiny as it allows you to find any upgrade and allow you to play it for free. This deck probably mills itself big time but maybe it can have the staying power that Second Chance has with Han only now creating a toolbox for Luke.

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