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Justin McBride

Elite Rey with Elite Poe Post SOR

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Elite Rey with Elite Poe Post SOR

Emperor's Throne Room

Upgrades: (16)
2x Vibroknife
2x Holdout Blaster
2x Comlink
2x Rey's Staff
2x Lightsaber
2x Force Throw
2x Mind Probe
2x One with the Force

Events: (14)
2x Defensive Position
2x Deflect
2x Field Medic
2x Hit and Run
2x Force Misdirection
2x Dug In
2x High Ground

Just a starting point for Poe/Rey after SOR releases. Mainly testing High Ground and Vibroknife removing 2 Willpower and 2 Jedi Robes from my current build.  Other cards to consider: Force Speed (more free actions), New Orders to guarantee using the Throne Room, Air Superiority (the Back-Up Muscle for Shields), Our Only Hope (Situational ramp-up) and possibly Rocket Launcher since it can hit multiple characters or even discard vehicles.  Force Heal could also be an option to extend the game and compliment Field Medic to heal (and it's repeatable). Oddly enough, C-3PO could fit this build since you have the potential of so many skips, enable a skip - activate Threepio, resolve a die as any symbol. Currently want to try High Ground as Defensive Position Lite, however Confidence could make it's way into here (to force opponent to resolve poor rolls) or I could try Overconfidence (requires a Blue Spot) as a free removal/re-roll.  This deck is going to want to claim a lot like it currently does, and I could also see potential with running Planetary Uprising to help push damage along. 

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