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Justin McBride

Elite Jabba with Elite Asajj Ventress

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Elite Jabba with Elite Asajj Ventress Post SOR

Command Center

Upgrades: (14)
x2 Force Choke 
x2 Force Throw
x2 Force Speed
x2 Fast Hands
x2 Mind Probe 
x2 Vibroknuckles
x2 Sith Holocron 

Events: (16)
x2 All In
x2 Deflect
x2 Electroshock
x2  Feel Your Anger
x2  He Doesn't Like You
x2  Isolation
x2  Bait and Switch
x2 A Quarter Portion

Inspired in part by the current Jabba/Dooku decks, this deck is all about Milling to the extreme - with a ton of spot removal and using Asajj's ability to force extra discards for re-rolls. Fast Hands seems great with Jabba, allowing the possibility to instant mill two potentially on his activation. The deck has 12 removal events designed to slow the game down (and combined with discard, make it very hard for the opponent to advance his game state. 

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