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Justin McBride

Elite Darth Vader with Tusken Raider Post SOR

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Elite Darth Vader (Awakenings)
Tusken Raider

Maz's Castle

Supports: (2)
2x Backup Muscle

Events: (16)
2x Isolation
2x Electroshock
2x A Quarter Portion
2x Deflect
2x He Doesn't Like You
2x Force Strike
2x Bait and Switch
2x Friends in Low Places

Upgrades: (12)
2x Fast Hands
2x Force Speed
2x Lure of Power
2x Vibroknife
2x Lightsaber
2x Kylo Ren's Lightsaber

This is a starting shell for my Vader/Raider in a post SOR meta. This version of the deck isn't running a Holocron package but is instead running a ton of Melee damage in an attempt to make it more focused as well as most of it's upgrade dice are now playable on both characters. Force Strike and Bait and Switch give the deck the ability to deal consistent damage. Friends in Low Places allows the deck to play around removal by giving hand knowledge and discarding removal options to allow Vader's Dice to stay in the pool. The deck has a ton of spot removal, with 10 different cards - A Quarter Portion is Electroshock without requiring a spot at the drawback of giving the opponent a resource. I want to make room potentially for High Ground or Feel Your Anger. The upgrades are all focused on Melee Damage or gaining more actions/resolving dice quicker. Lure of Power seems very interesting as it can resolve for any side you roll. Most of the time it's going to be Melee damage or resources. Seems pretty solid. It will be interesting to see if this variant is competitive or not.


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