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Asking for Card List (JP Version)

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Anyone got the card list for the Japanese version of the Dragon Ball Super card game?  I know there are gonna be many changes such as different characters and effects in the new version releasing to America in July, but I'm curious to know.  Main reason why is because I want to play as either Black Goku or Future Trunks when they come out!  If anyone has the list or at least a link to the list, that would be really appreciated.  Thanks! 

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15 hours ago, soviet prince said:

I believe a lot is changing so I would not count on it being accurate  


11 hours ago, sh0ryu_repp4 said:

Yeah from what I have heard they are making hella changes to the US version (sounding for the better imo) so I wouldn't use that list to prepare for our version of the game.

Right, but I doubt that they will remove any of the leader cards.  I found out that Black Goku is a leader card in the most recent Series 5, but Future Trunks isn't.  Hopefully they will change that!

1 hour ago, soviet prince said:

the fact there changing anything at all means there actually trying, the easy thing to do is translate and print

Yeah, I feel like their effort will help expand the game and its fanbase even more!

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