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They absolutely 100% are. I don't know if it just comes from their lack of experience with CCGs (being so used to the LCG model) or what it is, but they keep shooting themselves in the foot and anchoring the game down from being the best it could be.

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7 hours ago, Artificial Human said:

Final Fantasy has a Supply not meeting Demand problem.

This is true but FF is pretty niche, this is STAR WARS

I have never seen a game outside of FF and Destiny where I PHYSICALLY CANT BUY PRODUCT, it boggles my mind.

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There have been other games with this problem.  Dice masters was very hard to find early on, on one hand due to production shortages because of insecurity on popularity, on the other the low price point made it easy to grab a bunch.  As well, they had custom dice, but not on the level of SWD.  The difference being that Wizkids has been in the market for years and was able to adapt and compensate quickly.  FoW had some scarcity issues, but also had advertising troubles.  I didn't see any product in my local store until a month or two ago and by now the game is so niche that no one locally wants it.  Even PanZ had a small problem in this vein.  But it was quickly remedied.

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it's very irratating how ffg supporters blindly support it and act like what there doing has not hurt the game by a lot. some excuses


- this game is supposed to be a small community game (no where did they say this )

- all ccg's have problems when just starting 

- give them time if it's still a problem by dec ( maybe to late by then)

- they were overwhelmed with demand

-  there reprinting more set 1 in june

- you can buy online ( for double the price)

- they don't have to give us anything


things I have been called



- whiny

- entitled 



everyone there is only caring about the present and not thinking on the effects it will have in the future, they just don't get how a ccg needs to be run. 

- there needs to be starters avalable

- needs to be loose packs for impulse buy and tourney prizes

- tourney support good enough to warrent ppl to travel to events



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