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Worlds "Prizes"

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I'm actually somewhat impressed.

Participation - Alt art card

2nd day swiss - acrylic resource tokens

Top 32 - unique playmat

Top 16 - medal

Top 8 - acrylic world's damage dial

Top 4 - Uncut sheet of the alt art card

Winner - Unique mat and trophy plus travel expenses to next year as well as entry fee for them plus 1.

Plus prize wall tickets for every win.

Granted it's not thousands of dollars worth of alt art promos like DBZ, but DBZ had a higher threshold to get into the event.  This one is pay $70 and gain entry to one or more of the 5 game events plus a branded deck box and shirt.  I've seen a LOT worse.  ARG all you got was MAYBE a promo for entering (usually not), a playmat and (generally useless) ARG points for top 8.

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