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Cards that check Discard Cost

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I need something clarified because it's not in the CRD and I can't remember how this works exactly.

When you have a card like Piccolo Premier 2, you pitch a card to Rejuvenate 2 and Mill 2. Then it checks what the discarded card was to get a secondary effect.

For some reason, I seem to recall that if the card can't be checked, because you rejuvenated it(Premier Piccolo 2) or shuffled it in(Black Command Set 1 Printing) you don't get the effect. I know this works with replacement effects, 'instead' superceeds the Discard, meaning that the discarded part was replaced. But the interrupt and can't check thing doesn't make sense for Piccolo 2, because it could never check what it discarded because it would always hit the discard pile and be rejuvenated.

I'm misremembering or missing something, right?

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Piccolo Premiere 2 only checks what type of card was discarded, not whether it is still in the discard or not. It doesn't have to still be in the discard for the effect to activate.

At least that's how I understand it.

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