Looking for MegaMan NT warrior cards

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Back in the day (2004 to be exact) there was a card game on the Anime that was shown on the WB of MegaMan. The game is long dead and dirt cheap. I can, and have, bought boxes for 4 and 6 dollars each. While I could keep doing this I really don't want all the commons that will come withit laying around.  I also want the tournament promos which I can't pull. Ebay has some super rares and ultra rares for sale, most of them being 4ish bucks a piece. 


I am looking to buy or trade(dbz stuff I have plenty of rares, foils, and UR's. I also have too many heroclix) for Rares, Super rare, Ultra rare, and promos from this game. 


Cards look like this


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