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Logan Prather

eRey/eQui Gon

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Echo Base

Supports: 3

2 Your Eyes Can Deceive You

1 It Binds All Things

Upgrades: 12

2 Force Speed

2 Vibroblade

2 Luke's Lightsaber

1 Journals of Ben Kenobi

1 May the Force Be With You

2 Makashi Training

2 Rey's Staff

Events: 15

2 Caution

2 Guard

2 Destiny

2 Defensive Stance

2 Riposte

2 Deflect

2 Synchronicity

1 Return of the Jedi



0 ------------

1 ---------

2 ------

3 --

4 -

AVG Cost: 1.03/card

This is my ground zero for getting into the SOR meta. I'm currently testing Kenobi's Journal as a 1 of to see if its draw power is worthwhile, and plan to see if Destiny is good enough to justify a second MTFBWY. So far the deck's been great, as shields are an after thought due to the amount of unblockable damage you can push. 

Thoughts and opinions welcome. 

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