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Blue Protective A18

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So, not much to say in introducing the deck, or even really the basic idea. I have no idea why I feel like this deck would/should work, but I feel like it should, and I've found it fun so far, so there you go. Any tips on how to maybe improve it would be greatly appreciated too.

Blue Protective Mastery
Android 18 - Directing
Android 18 - Prepared
Android 18 - Effective
Android 18 - Determined


Let's get started.



Android 14 - Stoic

Android 16 - Unmoving



Blue Defensive Effect x 3

Blue Overcharge x 2

Blue Rest x 3

Blue Shifting Maneuver x 3

Blue Shopping x 3



Blue Dominance x 3



Android Attack Drill x 2

Blue Biting Drill

Blue Lifting Drill


Physical Combat:

Android 18's Arm Breaker x 3
Android Headbutt x 3

Blue Betrayal x 3

Blue Head Knock x 3

Blue Knee x 3

Blue Round Throw x 2

Blue Slide x 3

Blue Smug Punch x 3

Devastating Blow x 3


Energy Combat:

Android 18's Toss x 3

Blue Arm Blast x 2

Blue Neck Beam x 3


As you can see, the deck prioritizes straight life card damage over stage damage and has a heavy anti-anger focus. I elected to go with Physical attacks since I generally work with Blue a lot, and I tend to go energy attack builds so I'm trying something a bit different and going for a more aggressive route. I also considered some cards like Sobering Hammer to stop Unleashed and give me access to either Android ally, but I ultimately elected against it (I also tried Android 20; Don't |:). Thus far, the deck actually has done a decent job and Android 18's screening top 2 has helped a lot more than I thought it COULD. I'm ultimately aiming to camp at level 2, which is a pretty common Blue strategy, and you can probably see the anti-leveling I threw in there. I've also opted for preventing damage instead of blocking it as part of the whole "trying out something a bit different", and I have found it a lot better than I thought it was originally.

Anyway, thoughts, ideas, comments? Try out the build yourself if you're interested.

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Kinda neat. Have you tried it with Android 15 yet?  Not sure if it's really needed but the extra board control is pretty sweet, especially with Orange Ret being so popular currently.  Pesky drills.  Maybe toss in a blue arrest or two to compliment that? 

Just tossing out ideas though.  The deck could be perfect as is for all I know. 

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You know, I did look at A15, but now that I think about it, he doesn't just help set up drill removal. He also helps build a constant provision of rejuvenation targets for A18 to ensure I keep getting critical effects.

That said, with the inclusion of a third constant ally, do you think I should move to include Sobering Hammer? And if so, what would you identify as the weakest link in the current attack line-up?

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Maybe smug punch?  I know you have the anti-anger thing going but I actually don't see many cards that would benefit from it.  Also, how do you feel about blue slash?

One thing I noticed is that this deck seems to be low on endurance (could have missed a few since I did not sit down and count).  Have you tried playing against any fast aggro decks?

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I've tested against Saiyan Empowered Broly, if that's anything. And I've also tried against Orange Retribution Vegeta, but sadly, that's about it in the way of aggro.

I'm not huge on Blue Slash, and I think I'd rather go for Blue Retaliation (for the bonus discard effect with my Mastery, and high Endurance) over Slash, though I'm still trying to avoid going ham on the Energy Attacks because I have a historical problem with just going "all the energy attacks". xD

Ah, but I will remove Smug Punch. It was mainly there for the straight life card damage and potential synergy with things like Devestating Blow. I'm debating how I feel about Devestating Blow though, honestly. It might be excess, but I love the banish. As for Endurance, I think I've got a decent amount of endurance but it's more in the way of straight stopping big attacks than stopping a lot of small attacks (losing an Endurance 6 on a 1 life card poke is still infuriating).

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