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Saiyan Rampaging Turles; Flat Stage Beat

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Hey, it's me, again. With another deck xD

Saiyan Rampaging Turles

So, the long story short on this one is I really want to make Turles work, and in a recent local thing, it was ruled that Saiyan Clench doubled both the stage damage of non AT-based cards AND the modifiers put on them. Going along with this, I noticed that Turles, from his level 1, carries a + 2 modifier and stops damage from being prevented. Add on Clench, and that becomes a + 4 modifier, as high as Broly and Nappa's from Level 1 (and hopefully turn 1).
Of course, following this ruling, his level 3 would still be better. An active power + 3 stages (which becomes + 6), but unfortunately, that pesky Level 2 sits in the way and I don't want to rock an Unleashed build because I'm kind of sick of the card (even though the from deck attach would be fantastically helpful in my build). And even with the lowered Anger requirements, Rampaging has a harder time getting the anger for a level up than Empowered does. While Dynamic would help me camp at level 1, it also has no positive benefit, so yeah, Rampaging it is.

Onto the deck;

Main Personalities:
Turles - Shadowy
Turles - Watchful
Turles - Triumphant
Turles - Conquering

Vegeta - Impatient x 1
Cell - Larval x 1

Straight up, both allies give a +1 to all attacks. If the Clench ruling is correct, that becomes a +2 each and they're fairly easy to get to the board. Cell also helps counter certain decks that are otherwise huge pains.

Saiyan Extreme Training x 3
Tree of Might x 1

If you've seen my fairly recent Cell Jr. deck, you'll probably know my strong affinity for Extreme Training. It makes camping in a Saiyan deck incredibly viable, and beyond that, useful. Then Tree of Might is just extra Stage increasing (+4 with Clench).

Time is a Warrior's Tool x 1
Saiyan Sword Skill x 1
Saiyan Outrage x 3
Saiyan Enjoyment x 3

Straight up, I normally hate cards like Saiyan Enjoyment since I don't like giving up a card in hand to damage increasing and giving the opponent the extra action over me. Enjoyment, however, gives a draw, and a solid stage boost that gets ridiculous in this deck. Beyond that, Sword Skill is included for card draw and the ability to force skips out of the opponent (which can easily seal a game once you have a handful of damage modifiers on top of Turles). I've only managed it once so far, but swinging for 4 10+ stage attacks without the opponent being able to respond has promised the card a place in my deck (at 1).


Physical Combat:
I'll Dig Your Grave x 3
Saiyan Body Blow x 3
Saiyan Clench x 3
Saiyan Elbow Drop x 3
Saiyan Gut Kick x 3
Saiyan Headbutt x 3
Saiyan Lunge x 3
Saiyan Overhead Kick x 3
Saiyan Dive x 3
Saiyan Uppercut x 3

Saiyan Arm Catch x 3
Saiyan Blocking Technique x 2
Saiyan Escape x 2

The deck essentially operates around Saiyan Clench and attach cards, so you can probably figure out the reasoning behind each of these cards. I will point out that even if the ruling of Clench doubling attack bonuses is false, with all these stacks of damage modifier from Level 1, Turles can still easily hit up to 16-20 stages of damage per attack. Adding in something like I'll Dig Your Grave, which you're definitely not using to level up, you're going to be hitting as hard as Broly from the opening turns (12 stages with Clench, 16 with Turles, 20 with Tree of Might). Sadly, Saiyans don't have the absolute best range of flat stage damage cards, and I wanted to avoid freestyle attacks if possible, so this is how it currently looks.

Energy Combat:
Turles' Energy Ring x 3

Saiyan Crouch x 3
Saiyan Blockade x 3

I've always really liked Turles' Energy Ring tbh. I feel it's a bit sad that it doesn't really work to full efficiency in this deck, but the potential to swing twice for decent damage is worth it's inclusion.

And with this, we come to my final thoughts with the deck. First off, I'd really like someone to back-up, or disprove, the ruling on Saiyan Clench. There was a lot of debate around it, and I can understand both sides of the argument. If it does work in this manner, then Turles becomes a terrifying Level 1.

Beyond that though, the deck has real potential. How hard you swing right off the bat, regardless of your own power stages, and the fact that the damage can't be prevented works out really well. Sadly, Turles has terrible power stages defensively and you can still face big, big problems when facing down similar Nappa builds, or big ol' Broly. Besides that, being forced to level can be a real pain, though if you can set up Extreme Training before the opponent tries, it can be particularly funny when you swing for a Critical Effect instead (of course, this is when they use things like Clash of Wills, or otherwise try to force your anger up). Even if they do swing you up a level, you can honestly kind of use it to propel yourself to Turles' level 3, or try to push for an MPPV if you feel confident in your board.

I will take this time now, after having tried out all the older Saiyan Personalities, to say that I find it curious how most of them have such drastic changes between levels. Turles gives stage buffs on his odd levels, and on his even levels, has some respectfully strong attacks. Similarly, it appears that Raditz on odds focuses on hand advantage, and on evens, focuses on Drills (and the same again goes for Vegeta, who has constant attack modifiers on odds and attacks on even). The simplest reality is that Turles (and all these other personalities) could see serious benefit from revamping the stacks to be more consistent in their levels. Even in light of this, however, Turles level 1/3 camp hits so hard that there's a good chance you won't notice this tidbit, and more importantly, he can hit out of the blue without warning (eventually hitting the point where every attack is 10-20 stages of damage).

Final thought; I actually took this concept over to Red Ruthless, and built it around a similar principle of Level 1/3 Camp with all the attacks that stay in play for a second use. Not quite as strong in terms of raw damage, but a lot more aggressive and it'll put your opponent on a complete defensive or a race to Survival.

Edited by Denithan
Replaced Saiyan Stomach Thrust with Saiyan Dive

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Remember that Clench doubles the damage after applying all modifiers. 

7 stage attack

+1 modifier

+1 modifier

=9 stages x 2 = 18 stages.

So you aren't getting +2 modifiers from your allies as you describe.

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1 hour ago, ChangelingBard said:

Where the hell is Saiyan dive?  

I straight up didn't notice it when building the deck xD That's where it is.


3 hours ago, manoftomorrow010 said:

Remember that Clench doubles the damage after applying all modifiers. 

7 stage attack

+1 modifier

+1 modifier

=9 stages x 2 = 18 stages.

So you aren't getting +2 modifiers from your allies as you describe.

Huh, so it DOES double it post-modifiers. That said, thanks for the correction, though that is still a really efficient/effective way of buffing up your attacks from level 1 xD

Edit: Though thinking about it, the math is still the same isn't it? If we treat it as the allies giving a +2, then you'd have 7 x 2 = 14, + 2 + 2 = 18. Heck, Turles' constant + Clench alone turns a 7 stage into an 18 stage regardless of order (I understand it's still strictly incorrect, but the end result is still  pretty much the same).

Edited by Denithan

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