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Panini Excel Checklist

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Hello All,
I have made this excel to keep track of your collection.


I will add sheets whenever a new set is released. 


Here is the link:




There are three sheets:
1) Panini Totals.  This is updated automatically as you enter your collection.
2) Panini needed for collection.  This is also updated automatically with formulas.  
3) Set 1.  This is where you enter your collection manually.  I have listed each card and it's foil counterpart...as detailed below.  NF (Non Foil) and F (Foil).  

I have done a conditional format where if you have a "0" in the slot, the cell will be highlighted in blue.  Once you put in a number other than "0" it will unhighlight.  


There is also a "Needed for Completion" section on this page that automatically updates when you enter your collection.


Please let me know if there are any errors/issues and I will troubleshoot.

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