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Official Set 1 Discussion - Preview/information thread

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Set 1 – Justice League
Set Symbol – JL Logo
Release – August 4, 2017
Starter Deck - 10 decks per display (8 Displays per case)
Booster box - 24 packs per display (12 displays per case)

Starter Decks:
40 card tournament legal deck
 - 3 copies of 4 Character cards (alt art versions of booster pack cards)
 - ? Event cards (alt art versions of booster pack cards)

 - Basic battle cards (“no extra effect” battle cards that are legal and will act as basic additions to fill out decks in limited play)

 - 10 Random Foil cards

Four Different Starter decks available (randomized in uniform packaging)

  • Super Friends – Midrange Flexibility
  • Bat Family – Team attacks galore!
  • Justice Swarm – Card drawing maniacs!
  • Evil United – Powerhouse abilities

Booster Packs:
12 Cards per pack

 - 1 XR (Cross rare) per box (4 total)

 - 1 UR (Ultra rare) in every other box (2 total)


C1-JL Alfred Pennyworth – Butler
C2-JL Amanda Waller – The Wall
C3-JL Black Canary – Dinah Lance
C4-JL Hawkgirl – Gravity-defying Nth
C5-JL Deadman – Boston Brand
C6-JL Firestorm – Nuclear Man
C7-JL Hawkman – Carter Hall
C8-JL Martian Manhunter – J’onn J’onzz
C9-JL Red Tornado – John Smith
C10-JL Starfire – Koriand’r
C11-JL Superboy – Kon-El
C12-JL Mister Freeze – Victor Fries
C13-JL Bane – Professional Criminal
C14-JL Scarecrow – Jonathan Crane
C15-JL General Zod – Dru-Zod
C16-JL Poison Ivy – Pamela Isley
C17-JL Ra’s Al Ghul – The Demon’s Head
C18-JL Absence of Fear
C19-JL Leap Into Action
C20-JL Birds of a Feather
C21-JL Disgraced
C22-JL Echolocation
C23-JL Rise From the Ashes
C24-JL Injustice
C25-JL Battle Frenzy
C26-JL Lose the Battle to Win the War
C27-JL Overboard
C28-JL Combat Mastery
C29-JL Resurrection of Power
C30-JL Reinforcements
C31-JL 1 Strength
C32-JL 1 Intelligence
C33-JL 1 Special
C34-JL 1 Special
C35-JL 2 Strength
C36-JL 2 Strength
C37-JL 2 Strength
C38-JL 2 Intelligence
C39-JL 2 Special
C40-JL 3 Strength
C41-JL 7 Special
C42-JL 3 Intelligence
C43-JL 3 Intelligence
C44-JL 3 Special
C45-JL 4 Strength
C46-JL 4 Intelligence
C47-JL 4 Special
C48-JL 4 Special
C49-JL 4 Special
C50-JL 5 Strength
C51-JL 5 Intelligence
C52-JL 5 Intelligence
C53-JL 5 Special
C54-JL 6 Strength
C55-JL 6 Intelligence
C56-JL 6 Special
C57-JL 7 Strength
C58-JL 7 Intelligence
C59-JL 3 Strength
C60-JL 7 Special
U61-JL Batgirl – Barbara Gordon
U62-JL Batman – Dark Knight
U63-JL Blue Beetle – Ted Kord
U64-JL Vixen – Mari McCabe
U65-JL Cyborg – Victor Stone
U66-JL Green Arrow – Emerald Archer
U67-JL Green Lantern – Hal Jordan
U68-JL Nightwing – Dick Grayson
U69-JL Krypto – The Super Dog
U70-JL Robin – Boy Wonder
U71-JL Supergirl – Kara Zor-El
U72-JL Superman – Man of Steel
U73-JL Brainiac – Collector of Worlds
U74-JL Harley Quinn – Former Psychiatrist
U75-JL Sinestro – Intergalactic Criminal
U76-JL Solomon Grundy – Cyrus Gold
U77-JL Victorious
U78-JL Unexpected Turnaround
U79-JL Transfer of Power
U80-JL Don’t Go It Alone
U81-JL Point Blank
U82-JL Joke’s On You
U83-JL Passion For The Hunt
U84-JL Power Corrupts
U85-JL Push and Pull
U86-JL Rebirth
U87-JL Upper Hand
U88-JL Sleight of Hand
U89-JL Paralysis
U90-JL Strength in Numbers
U91-JL Meta Superiority
U93-JL 4 Intelligence
U96-JL 6 Intelligence
U97-JL 6 Special
U98-JL 7 Strength
U99-JL 7 Intelligence
U100-JL 7 Special
R101-JL Aquaman – Arthur Curry
R102-JL Atom – Ray Palmer
R103-JL Doctor Fate – Agent of the Lords of Order
R104-JL John Constantine – Occult Detective
R105-JL Shazam – Captain Marvel
R106-JL The Flash – Scarlet Speedster
R107-JL Wonder Woman – Amazon Princess
R108-JL Zatanna – Magician
R109-JL Bizarro – Imperfect Duplicate
R110-JL Black Adam – Teth-Adam
R111-JL Darkseid – Uxas
R112-JL Deathstroke – Slade Wilson
R113-JL Doomsday – Destroyer
R114-JL Lex Luthor – CEO of LexCorp
R115-JL The Joker – Clown Prince of Crime
R116-JL Against the Current
R117-JL Come and Take It
R118-JL Evil Parade
R119-JL Knockout
R120-JL Microscopic Victory
R121-JL Showdown
R122-JL Right on Target
R123-JL Ingenuity
R124-JL Teleportation
R125-JL With Friends Like These
R126-JL Inherent Weakness
R127-JL 1 Intelligence
R128-JL 2 Special
R129-JL 3 Intelligence
R130-JL 3 Special
R131-JL 4 Strength
R132-JL 5 Strength
R134-JL 5 STR/SP
R135-JL 5 INT/SP
R136-JL 6 Strength
R137-JL 7 Strength
R138-JL 7 Intelligence
R139-JL 7 Special
XR141-JL Wonder Woman – Princess Diana of Themyscira
XR142-JL Darkseid – Ruler of Apokolips
XR143-JL Harley Quinn – Dr. Harleen Quinzel
XR144-JL The Joker – Certifiably Insane
UR145-JL Batman – The Caped Crusader
UR146-JL Superman – Last Son of Krypton
S1-JL Harley Quinn – Former Psychiatrist
S2-JL Brainiac – Collector of Worlds
S3-JL Sinestro – Intergalactic Criminal
S4-JL Solomon Grundy – Cyrus Gold
S5-JL Joke’s On You
S6-JL Push and Pull
S7-JL Transfer of Power
S8-JL 6 Strength
S9-JL 3 Strength
S10-JL 2 Strength
S11-JL 1 Strength
S12-JL 7 Intelligence
S13-JL 4 Intelligence
S14-JL 2 Intelligence
S15-JL 1 Intelligence
S16-JL 6 Special
S17-JL 5 Special
S18-JL 3 Special
S19-JL Superman – Man of Steel
S20-JL Supergirl – Kara Zor-El
S21-JL Krypto – The Super Dog
S22-JL Green Arrow – Emerald Archer
S23-JL Rebirth
S24-JL Passion For The Hunt
S25-JL Power Corrupts
S26-JL 7 Strength
S27-JL 6 Strength
S28-JL 3 Strength
S29-JL 2 Strength
S30-JL 1 Strength
S31-JL 3 Intelligence
S32-JL 2 Intelligence
S33-JL 1 Intelligence
S34-JL 5 Special
S35-JL 4 Special
S36-JL 1 Special
S37-JL Cyborg – Victor Stone
S38-JL Green Lantern – Hal Jordan
S39-JL Blue Beetle – Ted Kord
S40-JL Vixen – Mari McCabe
S41-JL Sleight of Hand
S42-JL Strength in Numbers
S43-JL Meta Superiority
S44-JL 4 Strength
S45-JL 3 Strength
S46-JL 2 Strength
S47-JL 1 Strength
S48-JL 5 Intelligence
S49-JL 3 Intelligence
S50-JL 1 Intelligence
S51-JL 6 Special
S52-JL 5 Special
S53-JL 4 Special
S54-JL 3 Special
S55-JL Batman – Dark Knight
S56-JL Batgirl – Barbara Gordon
S57-JL Nightwing – Dick Grayson
S58-JL Robin – Boy Wonder
S59-JL Don’t Go It Alone
S60-JL Point Blank
S61-JL Upper Hand
S62-JL 4 Strength
S63-JL 3 Strength
S64-JL 2 Strength
S65-JL 1 Strength
S66-JL 7 Intelligence
S67-JL 5 Intelligence
S68-JL 4 Intelligence
S69-JL 1 Intelligence
S70-JL 6 Special
S71-JL 4 Special
S72-JL 1 Special
P2-JL Victorious
P4-JL Unexpected Turnaround
P5-JL Batman – Dark Knight
P6-JL Superman – Man of Steel
P7-JL Green Lantern – Hal Jordan
P8-JL Harley Quinn – Former Psychiatrist
P9-JL Aquaman – Arthur Curry
P10-JL The Joker – Clown Prince of Crime
P11-JL Wonder Woman – Amazon Princess
P12-JL Lex Luthor – CEO of LexCorp
P13-JL Shazam – Captain Marvel
P14-JL Darkseid – Uxas
P15-JL The Flash – Scarlet Speedster
P16-JL Doomsday – Destroyer
P17-JL Paralysis
P19-JL Battle Frenzy
P20-JL Disgraced


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New Spoilers posted on Reddit and the Panini Games FB page:

R102 Doctor Fate Agent of the Lords of Order MP+0


(when played): You may KO this card to place a random card from your opponent's VP pile into your hand.


R108 Zatanna Magician MP+1


(CONT.): At the beginning of your turn shuffle this card into its owner's deck to shuffle target Character into its owner's deck.


C27 Overboard MP-2

Discard a Character from your hand with a maximum rank of 5 or less to draw 2 cards.

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7 hours ago, Stryyder said:

Dr Fate is very interesting.  On one hand, he takes up your one character play and nets you no MP, but denying your opponent a VP is REALLY good.

His stats are also very solid. Str 1 isn't that exciting obviously, but the second stat with the other at rank 7 means he's tough to take down either way, and he can play any Special BC in the game. Versatility!

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Added cards from a Super Friends deck (S19-36) revealed on Facebook.

Supergirl - when played everyone reveals their hand and dumps all event cards.

Krypto - all players draw a card at the end of their turn.

Green Arrow - Push to attach a battle card rank 5 or lower from your hand to target character.

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