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Reddit Spoilers - July 6

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More spoilers from Dan on the reddit:

Firestorm Nuclear Man (MP+2) Hero Character

(Activation power): KO this card to KO target Character.  Str 3, Spl 6

Strong entry here.  stats are middle ground, but the power is a great double edged sword, both to take out imminent threats and the clear up your own field for a possible better character.

Bane Professional Criminal (MP+3) Villain Character

(When Played): Discard the top 2 cards of your opponent's deck.  Str 6, Int 5

the start of a possible mill archetype?  Plus decent MP and great stats.  Solid card.

Sleight of Hand (MP+0) Event

Look at your opponent's VP pile and choose a card, then swap this card facedown with the chosen card.

Free event that gives some filtering potential, particularly late game when one good card can turn the tide.  Very reminiscent of cards from Pokémon that let you manipulate your prize cards, which are nearly always useful.

Reinforcements (MP-2) Event

Shuffle 2 Battle Cards from your discard pile into your deck, then draw a card.

Not my favorite.  You are losing 2 MP on a 3 for 1 trade out of hand.  Will be useful in draw decks that have excess BC in hand though.

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