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MetaX Previews #2! Injustice, Superiority and a heavy case of the Blues

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Welcome back, faithful followers!  Today's post was a bit delayed due to preoccupation with the Marvel-verse (seriously, go see Spider-Man Homecoming), but we're back on track for some great spoilers today.  We'll start at the back end and move up this time.


One of the big questions going in was "What kind of defensive effects can we expect on battle cards?".  If this card is any indication, we should be happily surprised.  The INT6 limits the playability somewhat, but for -3 you get to push a threat off the board so you can push a little harder on your next turn.


We heard you like some aggro in your games.  How about limiting your opponent's options until the end of your turn and a bit of draw power for a mere -1?  Seems like a deal to me.


This card has SO much potential.  Your opponent has blockers trying to scare you out of attacking?  Why not pick one of them off or maybe wound one so they'll think twice before blocking?  Even more intriguing, you know that Harley Quinn you just played?  Why not give her a wound so that next turn she can block, get KOd and give you a VP?  Versatility abounds.


SO much to unpack.  STR3/INT5, not GREAT but fair.  +4MP, definitely above average.  But the huge strength here is character ramp.  So far this is the first effect that lets us play more than 1 character per turn.  Definitely seems a huge deal, especially early game.  Will there be an archetype to build around this?  Suicide characters like Harley and Dr Fate?  Only time shall tell.


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I love Injustice, and Meta Superiority is incredibly flexible, that's a great card.

Ted Kord is super interesting. I guess if he's your third character in play, you can't play another character with his ability? Or is this a case of a specific card trumping the rule book?

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59 minutes ago, Stryyder said:

No, it says "play a character", which I would take to mean you have to LEGALLY be able to "Play" it.  Plus it says "may".  No reason to play him as your third.

right right. just wasn't sure if this was a means to circumvent the usual rule, with the general rule for a lot of games that card powers trump rule book where they conflict.

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So you can do Beetle, Beetle, and another character. interesting.

I got excited when I saw the word "Injustice" I wish we could get some alt art promos with Injustice 2 artwork on them but sadly I don't think that will happen.


Discard/Control seems like a fun theme so far, but then again it always does to me :P

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