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Early product and promos this week at SDCC!

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Panini Blog posts from last Friday and today have outlined their offerings at SDCC, starting tomorrow night.

First on Friday they revealed the final XR, Wonder Woman Princess Diana of Themyscira, and revealed the first 4 promos for Set 1: Wonder Woman Amazon Princess, Lex Luthor CEO of LexCorp, Paralysis and STR/INT/SPL 5 Battle Card, all alt art foils of rare and uncommon cards from set 1.  Each day a new promo will be debuted at the Panini booth.  Players can get the promos by downloading either the Panini Direct, NFL Gridiron or NBA Dunk apps and showing the staff at the booth.  As well, the foil pattern is recognizable as the same crosshatch pattern used in PanZ Perfection, which was in turn inspired by the pattern from ScoreZ Android Saga.

Today's post revealed the final 2 URs, Harley Quinn Dr. Harleen Quinzel and The Joker Certifiably Insane.  They also announced that a limited amount of Starter Decks and Booster Packs will be available for purchase at Comic Con, starting on preview night.  No details were given on limits or price, but it is likely that MSRP will be observed (3.99/pack, 14.99/starter).


Given the availability of product that will start hitting the internet tomorrow night we'll be revealing our last 7 spoilers tomorrow morning, stay tuned!



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