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MetaX Previews #4: The (Dooms)Day has Come

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Well, we are still a little over 2 weeks from the August 4th release date, but if you've been keeping track, there will be some early sales at San Diego Comic Con starting tonight.  While I'm quite sad that I won't be able to make the trek to San Diego this year, I am working with some people to get a box, hopefully I can put together an unboxing video.  But since those packs will start hitting the net shortly, let's push through with the rest of our spoilers before that happens!


A light start, good size INT attack with a bit of a prying ability.  Using this as your first attack on the turn can give you insight on whether or not to consider extra attacks that turn and how strong they need to be.


Next another good utility card. Hand filtering can be extremely handy.  Particularly if you run Ra's Al Ghul the Demon's Head and you have a bit of luck up your sleeve.  Just don't do it TOO many times or you might deck yourself out.


Here's another quality battle card.  It is strange that this effect wasn't made a straight attack power, it serves no purpose on defense, but you still have a moderately sized STR BC that can fit into a lot of decks for some easy evasion.


Aquaman has caught some flack over the years, but it definitely takes a badass to take a swing on Grodd.  As for the effect, -8 to bounce ALL characters this is a powerhouse late game card, particularly handy with Ra's (again) and Blue Beetle.


Here's another nice draw source.  Straight 3 for 3 swap, unless you ditch a 7 drop.  Hmmm....maybe Atom can lend a hand?


Winding down, just one more card after this one.  And here is a beast.  Want to save that big beater that's about to be KO'd?  Here's your answer.  The 7SPL is daunting, but there are ways(J'onn J'onzz) around(Combat Mastery) that...


Last but never least is the killer of Kryptonian's himself, Doomsday.  Boasting a huge 7STR, but very much on the intellectual low end, this can be a mainstay of a STR aggro deck with his continuous effect to blank ALL battle card effects.


Well, that's it guys and gals.  Keep your eyes on the interwebs as more and more spoilers pop up throughout this week!



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