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Buck Lane

Table Flippers Inc. Podcast

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Hi Everyone,

For all the panZ players out there you may remember my podcast ( Western Kai ).  Well i have teamed up with Dustin Collins ( kame house podcast ) and we have formed a new coverage team called Table Flippers Inc.  We just released our first podcast, and you can find the link below.  I will only update this post with future episodes as to not spam and clutter up the board.  



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Finally got to listen and great podcast guys. Really enjoy it and can't wait for the next podcast. Since you guys asked for suggestions on what to talk about. So my suggestion is that since the next podcast episode should come out after the product releases I would like to hear your guy's thoughts on your overall first impressions of the leaders you enjoy to play and why. Maybe even include the colors too if you guys do enough play testing. I just like to hear people's thoughts on what they like at the beginning and see what changes overtime.

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