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SDCC2017 - Set 2 announced, set 3 rumors are at the wall

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Greetings fellow faithful.  Big news out of San Diego Comic Con.  Not only can you pick up 4 exclusive foil promos from their booth, as well as buying early boosters ($4ea) and starters ($15ea), but they have dropped the bomb on MetaX set 2 and rumors are FLYING about set 3!

MetaX has been billed as a Crossover TCG, meaning they are planning on mixing many different titles into this game.  However, it looks like we are going to be staying in the DC universe for set 2, coming this fall:


(Photo courtesy of Trent Betts/TAK games)


Set 2 – Titled “Green Lantern” will release in winter of 2017 and will apparently be a booster only set. (as shown on the poster)


So what does this mean for the game?  We can possibly extrapolate a few things here:

Starter+Booster 2 set IP blocks?  While not a NECESSITY, new starters would probably be a good idea with each IP.  Could we see blocks of “Starter/Booster” set releases with each new IP?

While many were excited to branch out into a new IP, staying within the DC-verse for one more set could be a smart play.  They really haven’t even scratched the surface on the property and delving into the Lantern spectrums promises LOADS of potential for both new characters and revamped characters from Set 1.

“Winter” release?  Pure speculation, but much of what we have seen so far in the structure Panini has used for MetaX comes from similar practices on PanZ.  PanZ releases generally went Oct/Mar/July(early), repeat.  Being that MetaX releases in early August, a month later than normal PanZ sets used to, does that mean we’ll be seeing this set come November?


Finally, there are some WILD rumors going around the Facebook MetaX community about the next IP, supposedly in set 3, next year’s spring set.  Rumors of brutal new ATTACKs.  Some might even say of TITANic proportions.  But who would I be to push those rumors here?  For now why don’t we just put a wall (or 3) around that topic. 


Update: no sooner than this is posted, Richie confirms the rumors on the blog.


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