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Mono Yellow Frieza

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So after playing with a friend's Proxy Frieza deck I have a pretty good idea of how the deck functions. Here is what I have. For anyone actively playing, lemme know what you think.

I only have four high drop cards and 8 four drops. I have 2 of all the counter cards because three felt like too many, 3 copies of each of the Ginyus cause this deck draws cards like a mofo. Plus the deck thins itself so much that having 2/3 copies of most cards work for it. The only things I have four copies of are the 1 drop Frieza and Frieza's Call since those two are the big pieces of the engine, and with the Leader ability it just generates more advantage and draws more cards. Also Son Goten is in there because that card is just too damn good, every color should run it. (as a combo of course)

Mono Yellow Frieza



Golden Frieza


Battle Cards:


2 Golden Frieza, The Resurrected Terror

2 Full Power Frieza

2 Frieza, Hellish Terror

2 Mecha Frieza, The Returning Terror

2 King Cold, Father of the Emperor

4 Avenging Frieza

4 Sorbet, The Loyal Commander

3 Ginyu Force Burter

3 Ginyu Fore Jeice

4 Ginyu Force Guldo

4 Dodoria, The Emperor’s Attendant

3 Son Goten, Family of Justice

3 Furthering Destruction Champa


Extra Cards:


4 Frieza’s Call

2 Recoome Eraser Gun

2 Cold Bloodlust

2 Bad Ring Laser

2 Crusher Ball


Updated after realizing how good Dodoria is, how useless Recoome is, and that I forgot the Champa combo card.

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17 hours ago, Vile said:

Mono yellow freezer. A man after my own heart. 

It's so good man. Turn 1 Avenging Frieza into Leader ability, into Frieza's Call is such a HUGE tempo swing. Mecha Frieza is one of the best cards in the game too imo.

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