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MetaX OP at Gencon 2017

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Panini is taking no slow downs on getting MetaX on the OP stage.  Set 1 releases on Friday August 4th, but today's blog post states that the Sealed Deck events at Gencon in August are going to be part of the upcoming OP season.

GenCon will be kicking off in Indianapolis, IN in 3 weeks, running from August 17-20 and is the largest gaming convention in the US.  Panini will be on hand, running sealed deck events for MetaX Thursday through Saturday at 10am and 2pm each day.  Today they mentioned on the blog that these events will be part of the upcoming OP program for MetaX.  Tickets for these Sealed Deck events are $20 and can be purchased through the Gencon event registration system.  Each event will seat 16 players, however format details have not yet been revealed.

The full visual spoiler will be up this Friday, in anticipation to next week's release, with more information on OP expected soon.

Stay tuned later tonight as we sit down for a special Q&A session on deck-building with one of the MetaX playtesters!

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